C. T. Studd: Cricketer & Pioneer [Norman P. Grubb] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The definitive biography on the life of C.T. Studd, the. C.T. Studd missionary to China, India, and Africa biography. Studd was the youngest of three sons born to Edward Studd, a wealthy retired jute and indigo Erskine, John T. Millionaire for God: The Story of C.T. Studd.

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Edward Studd, retired planter stuxd made a fortune in India and had come back to England to spend it. He was very fond of sports of all kinds. But above all was his love for horse racing. He bought, trained and raced horses. Studd received Christ, counseled with Moody and made some notable changes. He withdrew from biobraphy turf, selling his horses, except for one each that he gave to his three sons.

His three eldest sons were J. Georgeand C. They were all at Eton College when their father was converted. He made arrangements to meet his sons, and surprised them when ft stopped their carriage in front of a hall with a sign, “Moody and Sankey revival. The father said, “Boys, I might as well tell you now.

I’ve been converted by Mr. No more racing and gambling. I’ve found the real thing. Their father usually had preachers staying at his house on weekends. One weekend two preachers came. One afternoon, one of the preachers caught C. His answer not being convincing enough, the guest pressed the point and finally down on his knees went C.

All three brothers were won to Christ that same boigraphy, and all became outstanding witnesses for the gospel. This was in when Studd was 16 biogaphy of age. About this time Study was fast becoming the most outstanding cricket player in England. Biogeaphy finished at Eton in and enrolled at Trinity College, Cambridge, the next year, A By he was considered one of the best cricket players in the world.

He was probably the best known athlete of his day in England. He captained the team his last year at Cambridge A He got his B. Study had been somewhat backslidden since his conversion, and it took the Moody-Sankey team meetings of at Cambridge University to straighten him out.

He got a burden for souls, and a call from China seemed to be what he felt God wanted him to do. Soon six others from Cambridge University joined him in this goal and the “Cambridge Seven” became well known. In February,they sailed for China arriving in Shanghai on March 18th. They at once began the study of the language seven to ten hours a day, donned Chinese garb, and ate with and like the Chinese. He had already determined it would go into the work of the Lord. He was alone at Chunking on that day.


Perhaps Study was born in as we cannot account for a year. Moody – expressing the hope that he would be able to start some gospel work at Tricot in North India, where his father had made his fortune. Moody used the money however to start Moody Bible Institute to train people to take the gospel into all the world.

George Holland in Whitechapel, to be used for the Lord among the poor in London. Holland had been a spiritual help to Study’s father. It was used to send out a party of 50 new officers, and came following a night of prayer for reinforcements. In a few months he gave away several more thousands when he determined the exact amount of the inheritance.

Most of this went to the China Inland Mission. Studd arrived in Shanghai in April of that year. Meetings were held and sailors were saved. Correspondence began in June and engagement was agreed upon on October 5th. Kneeling in bilgraphy snow in March,praying for souls during an open-air meeting caused her to get pneumonia. Study himself had been at death’s door for weeks with pleurisy in both lungs, typhoid, and then pneumonia.

He recovered just in time to biigraphy to Miss Stewart’s side. Everyone stkdd it was as good a time as ever, so Pastor Shi had a Christian ceremony, but they bkography to go to Tientsin to be married by the consul for official records’ sake. This was March She said, “Charlie, what did the Lord tell the rich young man to do? Well then, we will start clear with the Lord at our wedding. They went to an inland City, Lungang-Fu and the only house they could get was one considered haunted.

For five years they never went outside without a volley of curses from their neighbors. Finally opposition began to subside. Studd spent a good deal of time with an opium refuge for the victims of this drug.

C. T. Studd: Cricketer & Pioneer: Norman P. Grubb: : Books

As many as 50 at a time would be there. During seven years some went through the refuge, some saved as well as cured. Their first child was born in A Mrs. Studd had a relapse and almost died.

Four more children were to follow, the fifth living just one day. Studd never saw a doctor through all this. The four that lived were girls, Grace, Dorothy, Edith and PaulineA A sixth child was born after their return to England, a boy, but he only lived two days.

In after studr years of service, the Lord directed them to return home to England, his asthmatic condition being a key factor. With four small children it was no easy job to journey to the coast.

C. T. Studd Gave Huge Inheritance Away

Naturally there was a royal welcome by Mrs. The children knowing only Chinese now had to learn English culture and tongue. The health of the parents was poor, but soon Studd began to take meetings.

Things were happening in the USA. Study was invited to come. In he came and stayed for studs months. He spoke as much as six times a day, seldom under an hour, had endless interviews with students. Back in England from to gave him time for reflection, recuperation and readiness for the next assignment which was India. It was the father’s dying wish that some of the family would take the Gospel there.


So they went, a better climate also appealing to them. However, his asthma which he had for years continued to plague him. He hardly slept except between 2 and 4 AM. Night after night he was sitting up in a chair fighting for his breath.

The church reached out giography all kinds of people, and a week never went by without one to three conversions transpiring. All four of his daughters made definite decisions for Christ and were baptized in India. The family returned to England in From to he must have spoken to tens of thousands of men, many of whom shudd went to a religious service, but were drawn to hear him by his sporting reputation. Many made their decisions for Christ.

While in Liverpool in he saw a sign, “Cannibals want missionaries. Studd, now 50 felt the call to Africa. They talked together about opening Africa from the Nile to the Niger to Christian missionaries. This was the largest unevangelized region in Africa at this time.

Penniless, turned down by a doctor, dropped by a committee, he persisted. God provided funds and on December 15,he left, sailing alone, leaving his wife behind. Arriving at Khartoum biogfaphy had a delay of some weeks. Accompanied by Bishop Gwynedd, he set off for Southern Sudan.

Charles Studd – Wikipedia

Of their 29 donkeys, 25 died. Back at Khartoum, Studd got a severe attack of malaria. While trekking in on the Nile they were told that beyond the southern frontier of the Sudan, in the Belgian Congo, between the Nile and Lake Chad were vast masses of people as depraved and destitute as those they had seen, who had never heard of Christ.

He decided the rest of his life would be spent with this challenge. Returning home briefly he visited Cambridge and stirred people to the depths with a challenge of the unevangelized world. This time leaving his wife seemed harder. Studd simply stufd “If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him.

Buxton and they journeyed through Kenya and Uganda to the shores of Lake Albert. They had a good reception from the Belgian official and were allowed to enter the Congo.

Soon they were in the very heart of Africa, after nine months of arduous traveling, living bioraphy tents. This was October 16,