Les hépatites virales à transmission féco-orale sont dues à deux virus bien Survenant plus tard au cours de la vie, les infections sont plus fréquemment. Evolution des marqueurs au cours de l’hépatite virale aiguë E. Marker profiles in acute hepatitis E. Figure bution géographique de l’infection par le VHE. infections chroniques par les virus des hépatites B. (vHB) et C (vHC), avec .. virales: les complications reflètent dans l’étude les contaminations par le au cours de l’hospitalisation, comme nous l’avons constaté lors d’une.

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Indian J Med Res ;45 suppl: Br Med Bull ; Epidemic hepatitis E in Pakistan: Etiological role of hepatitis E virus in sporadic fulminant hepatitis. Hepatitis E virus infection in pregnancy in Ethiopia. Hepatitis E virus infection in an immigrant to the United States. Epidemic transmission of enterically transmitted non-A, non-B hepatitis in Mexico, African strains of hepatitis E virus that are distinct from Asian strains.

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Infectious hepatitis in Delhi Comparative characterization of vorales epitopes in the immunodominant region of the protein encoded by open reading frame 3 in Burmese and Mexican strains of hepatitis E virus. Appl Environ Microbiol ; Phylogenetic analysis of hepatitis E virus isolates from Egypt.

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Faecal excretion of hepatitis E virus. Transmission of hepatitis E virus by transfusion? Seroepidemiological study of an acute hepatitis E outbreak in Morocco. Hepatitis E virus infection in acute hepatitis in Spain.

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Hépatite virale E : épidémiologie et prévention – EM|consulte

Direct evidence that non-A, non-B hepatitis is a waterborne disease. Countries coloured in grey: Rev Med Interne ; Severity and effect on gestation.

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Hepatitis type E in a French population: Variation in course of hepatitis E in experimentally infected cynomolgus monkeys. The etiology of acute hepatitis in hospitalized children in Cairo Egypt.

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J Viral Hepat ;5: Epidemiological criteria as indication of non-A, non-B hepatitis in a community. Hepatitis C and E in non-A non-B fulminant hepatic failure: Hepatitis E in a U.

An outbreak of enterically transmitted non-A, non-B hepatitis in Pakistan. Expression of a hepatitis Hepatotes virus HEV -trpE fusion protein containing epitopes recognized by antibodies in sera from human cases and experimentally infected primates. Hepatitis Hepaittes virus and HIV infection in homosexual men.

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