1x COBUS, City, Passenger Bus, Engine: Make: Mercedes Benz Type: Type D (Diesel) Dimensions: Width: mm. Overall dimensions: m × m × m. S/N: / Type: Type D (Diesel) Cobus passenger bus to move people. COBUS Industries GmbH is a German bus manufacturer and produces infield shuttle buses “Contrac Cobus Industries COBUS – CPTDB Wiki”. .

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First-class products and services as well as an internationally committed team coubs specialists in product, sales and services support our customers to meet the challenges set by global mega trends in the airport environment.

You want to offer your passengers safe and comfortable transport on the airport grounds despite restricted budgets?

Whether first, second, third or fourth generation — all COBUS models will be completely factory overhauled. In the years ahead the airport gradually converted their fleet into electric drive. Thus, he was able to take this nice snapshot of two generations of COBUS airport buses — generation 2 and 3.


We are glad to see that our generationbus is still doing its job greatly!

Cobus , Airport bus

Seems you have not yet risked a look at this nice snapshot. It was taken of our e.

You are gladly invited to cobud us and our e. Our special thanks go to Vancouver Airport Authority for their readiness to make this bus available to us!

We will bring it back to you safely — promised! Come and have a word with us!

We are cibus forward to having interesting talks with you — just come along! Our technician, Maximilian Monzel, who was going to perform a technical training on the bus, was warmly welcomed by two staff members there. We would like to thank our customer, Airport Shuttle One, for cbus trust given in our COBUS and wish them an all time successful and smooth operation with it on the ramp!

Come and visit us — anytime!


As soon as we have photos of this COBUS being completely labelled, we will share these with you also. Keep up your good job!

File:Frankfurt Airport – Contrac Cobus 2400 – 2018-06-14 09-25-12.jpg

January — Los Cabos Intl. We thank avionrevue for the photo!

Montreal Airport, thank you for providing us with this nice picture! National Aviation Infrastructure Show Interairport South East Asia Ground Handling International Conference British-Irish Airports Expo June Airside International — Summer Issue February Schweizer Idee erobert Airports.

February Stuttgart nimmt sechs weitere E.

Cobus 2400

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