In , she published an autobiography called Classified Woman – The Sibel Edmonds Story: A Memoir. Reviewing the. Join Sibel Edmonds at her Website In this startling memoir, Sibel Edmonds— the most classified woman in U.S. history—takes us on a surreal journey that. Classified Woman (Image: Sibel Edmonds)Sibel Edmonds is a former language specialist for the FBI, where she reported serious acts of.

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Edmonds continued to believe in official channels. For those of us with any personal experience as whistleblowers, every word of Classified Woman resonates with the truth of our own lives.

The Sibel Edmonds Story

But until recently the US carried on a pretense of democracy and freedom at home. I’ve been familiar with Ms.

Her boss even suggested that she slow down and take longer lunch breaks, even edmonrs her to do her study at work at the expense of the American tax payers! Retrieved 22 May Trivia About Classified Woman. Part of her contract with the FBI requires that any book written must be submitted to them for review so they can redact any classified or otherwise sensitive information.

Sibel Edmonds

This has nothing to do with protecting national security, but everything to do with protecting corruption, conspiracy, and treason in government. In many whistleblower cases, the mass media are powerful allies. However, when she reported these, they were all wo,an up and she was soon targeted for being the messenger. Edmond’s name kept coming up.


Sibel Edmonds – Official Web Site –

Sibel Edmonds was an immigrant, someone who had experienced brutal dictatorships and expected something different in the USA–something called freedom. Archived from the original on 20 November Edmonds has turned what can be difficult material into a page-t Classified Woman is a book that does three difficult things at once — it makes a historically significant contribution to our understanding of the domestic political roots of our foreign policy, it identifies flaws evmonds our systems of justice and accountability that should be addressed, and it does so in a way that makes for a good day or two at the beach for every individual reader.

Movies Books Opinion American Principles. However, I found it entirely convincing because all of Edmonds’ experiences follow a trajectory familiar to whistleblowers: Oct 31, Sally edmoonds it it was amazing Shelves: Retrieved 5 September This is a book of courage and intelligence.

This absurd prohibition was a side-effect of the contortions required by the administration and courts as they tried to prevent the release of embarrassing information. A whistleblower proves that even in the strongest democracies of the world, base human nature can overwhelm principles.

Before long, reprisals began. Sep 07, N.

Classified woman

It paints quite a different picture than that presented by the public relations stooges we call the mainstream media. We are not safe from our own leaders and our rights are being compromised in the name of “Homeland Security” I am left speechless after reading this book.

Classified Woman is a powerful, compelling s I’ve been familiar with Ms. Through a process of elimination, she found only two reliable ways of having an impact: After becoming a citizen Ms. The Justice Department tried to get the suit dismissed, and the Justice Department explicitly approved their release to the Project on Government Oversight. While some of it is due to the culture of bureaucracy see Moral Mazes: This is not conspiracy theory, it is conspiracy fact, the unpleasant realization that human society is dominated by its own conspiratorial behavior.


Edmonds later set up a website that was less susceptible to pressure. They have 30 days with which to do so.

Meanwhile, we can be thankful that there are individuals such as Edmonds who have taken the noble, principled path of speaking out, paying the penalty for pushing for honest and effective behaviour, and surviving to mobilise others and tell a story that can inform and inspire sbiel all.

Her co-worker Dickerson, whose work Edmonds had exposed as protecting criminals in Turkey, threatened Edmonds and apparently used connections to have them threatened. The government retaliated by leaking her name to the press — in a derogatory way of course. I can’t see any other way to right the ship.