Diplomová práce se zabývá aplikací technik cílené zpětné vazby v hodinách občanské výchovy na 2. stupni ZŠ s cílem pozitivním způsobem ovlivnit žákovo. Keywords: Cross sell, komunikace, typologie zákazníků, personální management , motivace, stimulace, cílená zpětná vazba, koučování, prodejní mapa. Výsledek obrázku pro příručka instruktora zážitkových akcí. from Výsledek obrázku pro cílená zpětná vazba. from Výsledek obrázku pro .

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In July we announced a change to the way we deliver Dynamics updates that will help you stay current in a consistent, predictable, and seamless manner. This FAQ is intended to provide clarity on the Finance and Operations service updates, processes, and tools you can use to prepare for it. We will continue to add additional information to this topic as needed. New experiences will be opt-in. The service updates are backward compatible. There will be a single version representing this update.

The regulatory update is always required by a specific law enforcement date LED and should be enabled by this date or earlier. Service updates will be available each month starting in November Microsoft will apply the updates monthly, based on the selected maintenance window. You are required to have an update no older than 3 months.

There will be 2 major updates in April and October where new experiences will be enabled. Major updates will not require code or data upgrade. Breaking changes will be communicated 12 months in advance such that customers can plan accordingly. Such a change will only be introduced during a major update.

Backward compatibility covers binary and functional compatibility. Binary compatibility means that you can apply an update on any runtime environment without needing to recompile, reconfigure, or redeploy customizations. If Microsoft needs to break compatibility by removing obsolete APIs, it will be communicated 12 months in advance and follow a deprecation schedule. Functional compatibility is about user experience. All new experiences will be opt-in. Refer to the Software lifecycle policy and on-premises releases topic for the specific expiration dates of the version that you are on.

The process of the updates outlined in this topic only apply to the cloud service. Ensuring quality of the release is a fundamental principle that’s enabled through a series of progressive, rigorous, automated validations as described in Standard and First release service updates. Email will be sent to those individuals who opt in to receive LCS notifications with instructions included on how to update.

Customers will have 5 business days for testing and validation. Customers can optionally choose to apply the update earlier to all environments through Lifecycle Services and even earlier through early access programs. Users can update to the latest version using the tiles on the Environment details page in LCS.

After the update is released by Microsoft, the tile will show the latest update. Customers can choose to apply the update on their own by going through the update experience on their sandbox and production environments.

Documentation will also be made available on docs. The expected downtime for a successful update is 30 minutes to 1 hour.

However, we ask for three hours of downtime in case issues occur while the update is applied. We are actively working to reduce the downtime that is required, and you should expect improvements in the next few months. Deprecation will be announced by cilenw notice 12 months prior to the deprecation. The functionality will only be deprecated during a major update. You can pause an update up to 3 months by way of LCS configuration. After this period, an update will be scheduled and monthly updates resumed.


The update experience for a delayed update will incur additional downtime. If you find an issue when doing validations in a sandbox environment, you can request to skip the update through LCS directly by providing vazab valid support ticket number and a business justification. The request will be reviewed by Microsoft and if approved you will be left out of that month’s update. You will get five 5 days for validation once the update is applied to your sandbox environment.

If you need more time, you can sign up for an early access automatic update to one of your sandbox environments. This will provide you with additional time iclena test the update prior to a production roll out. More information about this program will be available shortly. Service updates to customer environments will be backward compatible and no action is required by the Independent software vendors ISVs.

ISVs develop on the minimum required platform release that their code depends on. Breaking changes will have a month lead time to enable ISVs to include and validate. Vzaba recommend that the ISVs be part of our Partner early access programso that they can get early access to the platform bits and validate their solutions against the update before it’s made generally available.

All new features will be opt-in for a month period and will not require any change management until you choose to enable the feature. Batch jobs are suspended during the maintenance windows and resume when the maintenance is completed. You can join the First release programwhere Microsoft will keep your system always current with the latest updates.

This tool significantly reduces the time and cost of user acceptance testing. User acceptance testing is typically required before taking a Microsoft application update or applying custom code and configurations to your Dynamics for Finance and Operations production environment. It enables functional power users to record business tasks using the Finance and Operations Task recorder and convert them into a suite of automated tests without the need to write source code.

Test libraries are stored and distributed in Lifecycle Services using the Business Process Modeler BPM libraries and fully integrated with Azure DevOps for test execution, reporting, and investigation. Test data zpettna are decoupled from test steps and stored in Excel data files. Data task automation lets you easily repeat many types of data tasks and validate the outcome of each task. You can also use automated testing of data entities by using task outcome validation.

For more information, see the Data task automation topic.

The Release notes are the primary source of information for all new features and changes for a release. Features will also include help topics in docs.

Personality Development During Courses of Experiential Education

An impact analysis tool will be available in LCS to help you better understand the impact to the features that you use. Extensibility requests can be logged in LCS. Details are available in the Extensibility requests topic. Please note the following timelines to log and use the available extensions.

Microsoft will not provide any fixes to issues on versions that have reached end of service. Microsoft will also not investigate or troubleshoot any issue that you may encounter on an older version. If you encounter an issue on a version that has reached end of service, you will bazba required to update to the latest update and report the issue if it persists.


All environments will continue to be operated by Microsoft. All automatic processes around your environments, such as monitoring or self-healing, will also continue as is. Individual hotfixes will not be supported after 8. Customers must update to the latest cumulative update available to apply the fix such as 8. Critical fixes will also zoetna cumulative and available through the LCS servicing experience. Refer to the Process for moving to the latest zpetnw of Finance and Operations topic to learn how to upgrade to the latest application.

Retail cloud components will require the same down time as your Dynamics headquarters. Please refer to our published release information on our documentation and release notes sites for additional details on RCSU. For retailers with a business need for redundancy, Modern POS offline capability allows core retail POS operations to be available for use while disconnected from the internet or while the cloud environment is being updated.

Stores operating with Retail Store Scale Unit will also continue to operate with support for core POS operations during cloud maintenance windows. For zppetna information, see Online and offline point of sale POS operations.

All in-instore components must be running released software that is less than one year old in order to maintain support. Customers are responsible for updating self-hosted components such as components installed in stores or in privately managed datacenters and ensuring z;etna the installed versions of these components are actively supported.

Updates to components hosted in the cloud will continue to preserve zpetn compatibility with component versions self-hosted by the Retailer such as components gazba in stores or in privately managed datacenters – Modern Point of Sale, Retail Store Scale Unit, Hardware Station for 12 months after the release date for that version. Self-hosted components do not need to be updated at the same time as cloud-hosted components and can be updated on a separate cadence allowing time to roll-out updates to stores.

Customers can choose to update self-hosted components manually at each store or use mass update tools such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, Microsoft Intune, etc. Microsoft provides several mechanisms to progressively roll-out and enable functional enhancements across stores, devices, and users.

EUR-Lex – PC – EN – EUR-Lex

Service updates What product versions are impacted by service updates? You will be required to have an update that’s no older than 3 months. We encourage customers on 8.

This process is like a regular package update. For detailed documentation, see the Update environments from version 8.

You are required to upgrade to 8. Starting Aprilzpeta service will be updated to version What does the update contain? What is a regulatory update? What’s the upcoming schedule of updates? Are there any major updates post 8. What does it mean when an update is backward compatible?

“zpětná vazba” in English

Do these updates apply to on-premises? Process How will Microsoft ensure quality of releases? Can I select the day and time to update?