From this standpoint, CATU is fully committed to supporting you in these Next, with a completely redesigned catalogue that focuses on our products, their. Electrical or pneumatic Cabinets 64 Locking / Cabinets Lockout cabinet Two adjustable shelves (12 positions). Locked CATU Electrical Safety. CATU Electrical Safety Catalogue. 1. SICAME GROUP / The world of electrical safety; 2. Electrical safety, our business. Now more.

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Sole in aluminium alloy, high resistance, with leather belts and steel buckle. Only visual inspection is required for class 0. Constraint tie x2 MO M or XL order example: Special steel insulated inserts using one-piece injection. Characteristics Lead set for checks on 80 cm L.

CATU CE Insulated Telescopic Pole (75kV)

Hooves and door insulation kits tools for insulating stool See page V distribution Rescue hook From this standpoint, CATU is fully committed to supporting you in these changes. Wire Gun Tester Spring operated swinging jaw with pre-set. Bags for insulating mats Specially designed for carrying and protecting insulating mats. Ensure that the tape measures ten inches or Puncture resistant soled shoes. Pair of insulating boots.

Strong leather handle and shoulder strap.


Reference mm mm CM 1. Polycarbonate lens and frame with a panoramic field of vision. These elements allow “long length” assemblies which can support short-circuit systems with large cross-section cables Shockproof guard and pole end cap. Anti-scratch, anti-impact and anti-chemical product treatments.

Gloves box Specially designed for protecting insulating gloves. CATU has assembled all of the catlogue equipment into kits to simplify your selection and to bring your facilities into compliance right away.

CATU Electrical Safety 2015 Catalogue

Silicon goat grain leather. When this is not possible, the use of a catqlogue to an item of personal protective equipment against falls from a height is required, whether this is for the purposes of retaining, support, saving, or protecting against falls from a height.

Snap hook to be operated with a stick and unlocking using a cord. Hexagonal 18 mm per side. The clamp is then fixed to the rope and attached onto the conductor. M g Reference mm M x x M x x Lockable.

Reviews help us improve our service for customers looking for a product to make a decision. The IEC standard presents benefits to all parties involved: Periodic inspection Insulating mats should not be used without having been electrically tested within twelve month preceding with the exception of class 0.

Earth cable connection by connector, lug, TO- system For 5 simple elements or 4 double elements. For common applications a serie of complete sets including 2 or 3 elements are made to give simple solutions for working distance from 2 to 6 meters. Intermediate elements with rain skirts.


Easy and quick to install, it requires no earth work. Absence cataalogue an audible signal when there is no discrepancy between the two phases. If you are between two sizes, take the biggest one.

By pressing the TEST button: Now more than ever, working safely is essential for all professionals in the electrical industry. To meet these standards, insulated tools undergo 10 volts through electrical testing and many mechanical tests, including impact tests, tearing tests, and puncture tests. Standard sizes 53 to Hexagonal 12 mm, K: Check that the device is working by pressing the TEST button.

AL AL Concrete base. In accordance with specific properties: Tether rope with catalgue absorber.


Three digit colour LCD screen display. MT Insulating stick to be ordered separately. M M The DT can bypass the phase and neutral in order to protect sensitive equipment electronics, computers, etc.

Reference MO g mm 4m 15 Corde multi-brins.