Evaluación Radiológica de las Cardiopatias Congenitas. 1. Cardiopatías Congénitas; 2. Cardiopatías Congénitas Incidencia 8 de cada. Primer sitio Web en Argentina sobre cardiopatías congénitas.

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Congenital heart malformations are the most common of all birth defects, affecting 0. Some of these malformations are due to genetic anomalies.

Patterns of autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive and X-linked inheritance have been described. Mitochondrial inheritance and chromosomal anomalies can also be responsible for congenital heart malformations. Several genes for congenital heart defects have been identified. We review current knowledge on the genetic etiology of congenital heart disease. Hospital 12 de Octubre. We review current knowledge on the genetic etiology of congenital heart disease.

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Cardiopatías Congénitas · CardioCongénitas

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