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The Pyrex brand has called the caraacteristicas town of Charleroi, PA, home bidrio more than half a century. The manufacturing plant has employed generations of families throughout the Pyrex brand’s proud history. These convenient glass bowls feature special leak-proof and airtight glass lids that ensure that your food stays fresh and secure.

Their versatile design allows you to bake, store, reheat and serve food in the same dis. Glass is preheated oven and microwave safe. Lids are dishwasher safe in the top rack. This premium set includes three 2 cup dishes with leak-proof, airtight, glass lids. Now you can store and transport your food with confidence when you use this Pyrex glass storage container. Compartir Facebook Twitter Pinterest. No disponible por el momento.

Hecho de vidrio no poroso prex no se deforma, resistente vdrio las manchas, no absorbe los olores Apto para horno, microondas, nevera, congelador y lavaplatos. Pyrex no fugas contenedor de almacenamiento de vidrio con tapa, redondo, Rojo, 4-Tazas, 1. Peso del producto 1. Preguntar a la comunidad. Proudly made in the USA! Pyrex celebrates years.


Freezer Safe Glass is fridge and freezer safe, making Pyrex perfect for your food storage needs. Pyrex Premium 6 Piece Value Pack This premium set includes three 2 cup dishes with leak-proof, airtight, glass lids.

Preguntas y respuestas de clientes. Ver preguntas y respuestas. Kudos to Pyrex for being the only manufacturer innovative enough to come up with a fully glass, airtight seal, oven-to-fridge storage solution.

I love this Pyrex line, called their “Ultimate Collection”. This is a caracterisicas funny because I think most of their other products absolutely suck.

But after three years I still love this set! The lids continue to fit great and have held up well. The outer ring of the glass lid is made out of flexible silicone that fits snugly into the glass storage bowl. Although very little of the silicone will make contact with the food inside which is the point of the glass lids it’s nice to know that silicone is the least-toxic of the plastic options.


The center of the lid is glass which I love because if it makes contact with food, which happens a lot, there is no toxic pyrrx from plastic. I was initially concerned that the glass lid might break easily since it seems a bit thinner than the bowls and only has silicone around the edges to protect it, but this has not been the case.

The glass lids are quite durable. These also stack very well. Beware of microwaving any type of plastic, including silicone. Both bottom and top pieces are dishwasher safe, although I usually wash the lids by hand with only an occasional run through the top rack of the dishwasher.

This might contribute to their durability over the years. I noticed a reviewer recently said the lids lost their snug fit so maybe they don’t hold up well if run regularly through a dishwasher. Speaking of fit, the silicone will not provide the usual “snap-shut” tight fit you expect to find with a solid-plastic lid; the silicone edges of this glass lid are softer and have to be “pushed” into the inside of the glass bowl rather than snapping around the outer rim of the bowl like a regular plastic lid.

This often creates a slight air pocket that can cause the lid to push back up and lose its airtight fit. All you have to do is gently push the center of the lid back down to ease it back into place and expel the excess air. Be cautious if transporting liquids though since a lot of shaking could cause some leakage.

This is the price you pay for glass tops, but well worth it IMHO. Although these are my favorite storage dishes, the 2 cup capacity is a bit limiting so I’m finally getting the larger sizes to add to the set now that additional size options are available. Here is a link to a multi-sized set: I liked my first set so much I bought another. I prefer to store a lot of food in Pyrex. Even with BPA-free plastic, the chemicals in plastic make me nervous when it comes to what my family could be ingesting.

Plus a lot of foods I’m looking at you, tomato sauce stain plastic containers, and odors can build up. Pyrex washes drl and odors haven’t lingered at all. The Pyrex Premium glass sets eliminate the plastic that most Pyrex has in the lid.

In addition to cutting down on exposure to potential toxins, it makes cagacteristicas better seal than the standard lids do – these can roll onto their sides and liquid still doesn’t leak out. These are the most useful size in our household: Not too big, not too small. They also stack neatly in the fridge. They’re durable; we’ve had first set for a few years now with no chipping despite constant use and washing in the dishwasher.


These bowls are a great size for lunch. I do disagree prex the No Leak in the product name. The lids do get loose over time, so make sure you pack them upright in your lunch bag. I wish they came out with other sizes with these same lids.

HISTORIA DEL VIDRIO by Jose Angel Tabaco Moreno on Prezi

If they sold replacements for our current lids I would buy them in a heart beat. There is very little danger of the glass breaking in the bowl or lid. The lid is nearly totally surrounded in protective silicone.

I know the whole bowl is clear glass but the lid being see through glass makes a huge difference when trying to figure out if your left overs are so left over that they might make you sick or no this is the chicken surprise dish you made just last night!? Also these lids retain almost no water when cleaned in the dish washer which is great: Plus the silicone adds a little grip and protects your hand from getting burned a little.

Often when I take these and our other pyrex stuff out of the microwave I take the lid off after heating and put it under the dish so I don’t get burned.

What you need to do is remove the lid then set it back down on the bowl tilted with portion with the tab just below the rim of the bowl and the opposite side tilted up above the rim. We have a variety of different tops for these Pyrex containers, and this one is nice bc it’s glass.

But, this looks like it’ll be easier to clean. We’ll see if the lid stays on or not. I did it and the lid simply squished in and splashed the contents all over the place. So, while the glass lid is nice, this is the worst out of the three lids I have.

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