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March 23 X3NavalD — created une bateau nouveau. Before I have modified from the examples. Eclipse is spiffy as an IDE if a bit pokey. Cut bench corner blocks with groove for reinforcing top and edge. Rip remaining chine log. March 11 Cut and glue up the corner blocks for the bench. Cut and glue up strips to slice into planks for the next model.

March 2 Put the stop sign backing back autootols the post at the entrance to the development. A truck had destroyed the old backing. I made a new one autorools plywood.

Paint and stencil a logo on it. February Replace bulbs in all 3 cars. A couple of tail lights, high brake lights, and turn signal lights. The dashboard lights in my car are still not done as the store computer called out as does the owners manual. They are actually a PC assembly which includes autotols twist lock base.

This is a major pain-in-the-neck as the lamps are on the back of the instrument cluster which is accessed by removing all of autotols dashboard trim and then the cluster. The cluster contains the odometer and is tied to the car.

The TeX Catalogue OnLine, Brief Ctan Edition

Mow with the grass catcher to pick up the leaves. Sand and oil the autotlols line pole to avoid splinters. February Stencil the homeowners association logo on the sign. The stencil is too floppy and leaks. Hand paint the touchup on the logo. Glue the shelves on the shelf.

Complete the finishing shelf. February Paint the sign. Smooth a broken cup handle for reuse as a dip dish. Finish the back of the bench.

Cut and sand the remaining parts of the shelf. February — Primer the sign. Worked overnight so not much on Sunday. Autofools coat of stain for the bench. January — Cut out, fill, and sand a replacement stop sign for the home owners association. January — Mow mostly to pick up leaves.


Spray apple tree with dormant season oil spray. November — completed peapod 2. Made a jamcleat to photograph. Finished two mats ABoK one bight. Got up at 6, fed the cats and did Wikipedia until noon. Also set up a Dimension that we had acquired and had repaired. Autorools put them back together. Cannot finish due to lack of thermal paste. Wait autotoole Phil to get home from school to see if he wants to go to Best Buy.

He does but has too much homework.

Emacs Online Documentation

Set up Java on work computer for X3NavalD. Want to discuss the results with Phillip. He comes home later than expected. Tried an alternate disk drive. He will not return until Sunday night. The Dell technician says that it is a bad drive.

Laundry etc around the house. Mess with the computer to see what helps. Taking care of the cats. Phillip drove himself to school because he has guitar after. Take my wife calcnpte the airport early, take my son to school. Clean up the cats. Find that the computer is dying. May — A dry month. It is a pretty quick project but my muscles hurt for 2 weeks after. Split some of the cedar logs I cut up the other day. Sharpened the chain saw. Pulled up and put back down the oak tongue-and-groove flooring where the dishwasher is going back.

Put some more wire bands around the planters that my wife built out of the logs. There are about 4 now. My wife stands these logs on end and makes a planter out of it. I put a band of wire around calcjote keep it together. This time of year it needs it twice a week.

Repaired the pump on the dishwasher.

Took the rib off the peapod as it is not going to be right. Built a cart auutotools hold boxes of photographs. A fairly simple project but it took a while. It is basically a piece of plywood with a lip around it, reinforcement underneath and casters at the corners. A lot of sanding. Got a coat of varnish on it. Today I have been trying to catch up on the website and documentation.


Also mowed the yard. The grass is beginning to grow and fill in the bare spots. If it would just crowd out the calxnote.

It has been so dry that the ground is like a brick. The only appreciable rand we had was a week ago when it poured 4 inches. The pump shaft has started to leak. Put some seed in selected spots and covered it with peat moss to try to keep it moist.

It may still be too cold for planting grass. They go back in the attic and so I helped push the boxes in. Christmas started late this year and so is ending late too.

I worked on X3Navald documentation and updated the site. Schools were closed and I worked from home. Four meetings and some spreadsheet work. Tonight I am trying to catch up with the web site and finish the document on X3NavalD. I have fixed that problem now. Two, it is written in French which is not a bad thing but it is difficult for me to debug where the comments are in a foreign language.

Three, I do not know Java that well and it is written in Java. He will be coming home on Tuesday and they will be building a ramp in his garage. We also cleaned up the the yard and bushes. Things he would have been doing if he had not been in the hospital. I started about After that, I put down starter fertilizer or something like that.

Then I put down grass seed. I set up two sprinklers and ran them over various spots so that each spot got about an hour of watering. Tomorrow is a work day even though it is the MLK holiday.