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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. When Maxell announces an improvement in the quality of its tape, you can bet the improvement has to be pretty dynamic. In fact, we think our new generation has even gone beyond our own standards of superior sound reproduction.

BYX71 Datasheet catalog

Take our high level Cr02 position tape adtasheet the UD-XL H Maxell engineers have succeeded in expanding its dynamic range in the middle-low frequency range by 1 byz71, while also pushing its sensitivity by 1 dB in the high frequency range. Then look at our normal position UD-XL I, UD and LN tapes — our engineers expanded the dynamic range at all frequency points, while also boosting output in the high frequency range.

The new dynamic range, of course, allows for better music reproduction even for LN-type tapes. On the UD-XL I and E, we also added an exclusive shell stabilizer for significantly improved tape running and track positioning. BoxNorth Ryde, N. Series 3-Way Speaker System 59 Simple NiCad Charger 67 An acquaintance of staff member Elaine Ray is involved in the manufacture of metalworking machines — specifically, press brakes which are used to bend sheet metal, into a desired form.

These machines are motor driven and operated by hyx71 skilled sheet metal worker.

Upon investigation, there was more of a story in this than first met the eye. Almost since their inception, these machines have been set up mechanically, to do one bend at a time, a job involving large numbers of a particular product having several different bends involved would proceed on a batch basis. That is, all the right angle bends could be done first, followed by the shallow bends etc. The machine would have to be manually set up between each batch of bends.

However, the microprocessor controllers, it seems, have to be imported. The expertise certainly exists here, perhaps even the entrepreneurial drive. The micro industry seems somewhat too inward-looking for its own health. Full story in Printout on page But, does a kHz bandwidth matter? Les Bell reports on “the interactive Teletext”. It’s a fascinating device, you can perform all sorts of experiments, create a magic light show, make a laser communicator Although these articles are in an advanced state of preparation, circumstances may affect the final content.

However, we will make every attempt to include datsaheet features mentioned here. If the book you require is not listed below, it can be ordered from us. Handbook — Volume 1. Handbook — Volume 2. An Introduction to Microcomputers — Volume 0 —. First byz71 is Elaine Ray, who has joined our advertising sales staff in Sydney.

Elaine comes to us from Gundagai where the dog She followed this rapidly with a Dip. From there Elaine enjoyed a distinguished career teaching at a string of distinguished and undistinguished schools in Australia, JK and Switzerland. Byyx71, she taught physics, chemistry, geography and woodwork. John Pollard also joined us recently. InJohn was awarded his Ph.

John was Associate Professor at the University of California Electrical Engineering Department for a while, teaching computing circuitry, digital electronics, memories etc and doing research in electronic materials. Along with several other people he set up the London Polytantric Institute and served as its Technical Director. Following that, he became the head of the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Hun, Libya and later taught electronics in Barcelona in Spain, before coming to Australia last year.


John will be working on the editorial staff of ETI. The system allows the user to choose from a wide variety of programes with no advertising as the subscriptions pay for the production costs. It is hoped that Pay-TV could begin by The incoming Chairman byd71 the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal, Mr David Jones, will be faced with the responsibility of making recommendations to Parliament when he takes up his appointment in July.

Mr Staley is very keen that a decision should be made as soon as possible since the enormously increased choice would deflate criticism of the present monopoly control of Australian media, he says. The introduction of Pay-TV would be a complicated process since decisions on factors such as organisation, control, financing, and technology would have to be made. nyx71

【BYX71-350 Philips】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 2018【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA

The technological problem concerns whether or not to use fibre optic cables to distribute programmes and data. The large bandwidth available with fibre optics would enable some different channels to be accessible. Some areas of Los Angeles in the CIS have 75 channels to choose from, which means that minority interests, two-way communication links, Datasheett newspapers, computer data, video books etc are possible.

The political and economic considerations are obviously very important, especially since such a cable system would cost several bilfion dollars when installed country-wide. A study of the implications should be initiated as soon as possible, says Mr Staley. Designated the LM11, this op amp challenges the low bias currents of FET-input devices, even at room temperature.

Box 89, Bayswater Vic. This system will consist of two satellites in geosynchronous orbit to provide communications dwtasheet TV within and between member countries. Rain clouds will be probed by radar beams and the intensity of the reflected beam will be compared to measurements of rain distribution in the area.

The attenuation of signals from a satellite will also be noted simultaneously. The study should help to determine how much extra power should be provided to compensate for rain effects and whether it would be helpful to provide two receiving stations a few miles apart so the station with best reception would be used for communications during local rain storms. Half a dozen recently- released oscilloscopes illustrate the point.

You can run five display modes: Call Elmeasco on 02 Sensitivity, attenuator ranges and operating modes are much the same as the BS Standard Components will extol its virtues if you ring them on datahseet The signal to noise ratio can be impoved by exponential linear summation, or normalized averaging as appropriate.

The maximum Hitachi’s Datashset is a dual-trace instrument featuring 50 MHz bandwidth and delayed sweep. With this instrument you can ‘pull’ signals out of noise and perform several types of averaging operations on an input signal.

Talk to Technica frequency of signals which can be processed and displayed is 10 MHz. An optional interface pushes this to around 50 MHz. It displays datashewt information such as pulse rise and fall times, the measured area under any segment and delay times between pulses. Many interface options are possible. For instance, remote control, X-Y recording etc, and it does everything but talk to you!

Further information from Tecnico on 02 It would be well suited to any usual CRO applications in audio, industrial and servicing fields and BWD point out that it would make an excellent X-Y-Z monitor for analogue or digital displays. Full details from BWD on 03 This single-trace machine has a 75 mm screen, a sweep range of 10 Hz to kHz and the bandwidth is quoted as dc — 5 MHz. Sensitivity is given as 10 mV per graticule division.


Enquire at any Dick Smith store.

BYX Datasheet, Mullard, Reference Rectifier Quick Purpose Guide General Fast

Sizes range from a powerful 6V 2 inch woofer right through to heavy 15 inch musical instrument speakers. Laser speakers are fitted with high density ferrite magnet assemblies and have large high compliance spiders which permits extended Linear excursions. Before you buy any other speaker make sure you hear the real sound on Laser.

In parallel with the counter is a bit non-volatile MN0S memory into which the contents of the counter can be written. When data has been written into the memory it can be retained in the absence of applied power, and subsequently be recalled from the memory to preset the counter.

MN The MN is a six-decade up counter in parallel with a twenty-four-bit MNOS memory which can provide non-volatile data storage of the current count position. In operation, a positive or negative charge injected Written into the mtride’oxide interface modifies the threshold voltage of the transistor.

Since the injected charge is trapped within the bulk of the dielectric it is not affected by surface leakage and the difference between high and low thresholds can be detected Read over very long periods. Fully supported in both Software and Hardware in Australia. Radiall has developed a new connector which solves this problem. Modern optical fibre is composed of a central core of fragile pure silica, a cladding of silicon, and a protective sheath of plastic.

Connectors are first crimped to the end of the cable and the plastic sheath is stripped off, leaving the exposed fibre.

A barrel assembly is then fitted over this fibre to protect it and hold it in position for a scribe-and-break operation to obtain a perfectly flat end-face, normal to the fibre axis. The cable to be connected is prepared in the same way and the two barrel assemblies are attached to provide a strong mechanical assembly.

The optical faces of the fibres are now facing each other with a small gap between them. Radiall state that optical losses at the connection are less than 2 dB and connections can be made in less than two minutes. Video disc player for release? Pioneer, Sony, Sharp and Trio- Kenwood. ETI June – 13 digest New products from Datatel Datatel Pty Ltd is the Australian representative of the Ail- tech range of equipment and have announced the release of several new pieces of equipment.

The spectrum analyser model is usable over the range of 10 kHz to 22 GHz with sensitivity as low as dBm and frequency dispersion may be set from 1 kHz to MHz per division. Their new spectrum analyser. Modelgoes to 22 GHz and a sensitivity of dBm. SD-2B For precision Light weight. Dick insists that this is not to make still more money but merely to provide a service to customers who would otherwise have to drive vast distances in their enthusiasm to buy kits and parts for ETI projects.