Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore Picture: Map of Various Trails on Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Credits: National Parks Board – Check. Bukit Timah, which is primarily residential, is the highest and most expensive district beautiful green spaces: Botanic Gardens and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Map (Map Credits: HTML/Bukit%20Timah%20Nature%) Well.

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They eat leaves and young shoots.

Singapore – Bukit Timah Nature Reserve – Running Maps in the World

Operating Hours Saturdays and Sundays only 7am to 6pm Last entry 5pm. Post a Comment Login or Sign Up. These trees can grow up to a height of metres and are commercially viable as tropical hardwood timber. But due to its steep gradient, it might be challenging for some and definitely a good spot to do some cardio. These two trees are known as Meninjau Trees, native to the Southeast Asia region.

Singapore Zoo 12 Comments. With a bit more of chance you could also observe one of the large monitor lizards or a flying lemur. Use trail reports to comment on trail conditions.

It gets its name from the golden colour of its silk and has red shiny legs. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.


Ridelog Year All-time If you are very lucky, you may see the extremely rare Malayan Pangolin Manis javanicaalso known as the Scaly Anteater. Nature Singapore Travel Travel. You can take an active part in this website and share your own running tracks, files and photos by registering below.

Your name or alias Your e-mail address. Park Regis Singapore 4.

Bukit Timah used to be industrial estates until the 60s whereby the industrial developments are moved to Jurong timwh Bukit Timah turned into a prestigious private residential estate district Two kinds of squirrels can be found in the Reserve — the Plantain Squirrel Callosciurus notatus which is orange with black and white stripes, and the grayish Slender Squirrel Sundasciurus tenuis.

Animals Keen observers may spot the Malayan Colugo Cynocephalus variegatus. However, if you are planning to travel mqp a good idea to double check specific dates and information to avoid surprises. You can easily spot a Greater Racket-tailed Drongo near eeserve Long-tailed Macaques as this very smart bird will follow the monkeys through the forest, feasting on the insects that are disturbed by their movements.

Bukit Timah Map

They also call a nasal “hoo-hoo-hoon”. Click Here to Ask Your Question. Buses serving Upper Bukit Timah Road are 67, 75,and The reserve is a popular place for visitors having a stopover in Singapore to experience an “untouched” nature spot. Apart from the two aforementioned highlights, Bukit Timah also features some of the world’s best upscale restaurant strips.


You will receive an email giving you an access code to the private area of the site. Trails on Wishlist Yes No login Patches of mud but mostly avoidable. Its beautiful wedge-shaped fronds radiating from long stalks make it a popular ornamental plant. Activities prohibited within the nature reserves include hiking in groups of more than 30 without a permit, releasing of animals, feeding of animals, removing of native flora and fauna from the nature reserves, cycling, walking off the designated trails are just some of these activities.

It is often perched among the trees in mid-canopy and can mimic a range of calls of other birds. I don’t know my dates. The reserve offers visitors a range of nature walks, mountain bike trails and challenging jungle treks, providing an opportunity to see bukot variety of tropical birds and other exotic wildlife.