That’s Boris’s book ” Any Card At Any Birthday (ACAAB) by Boris Wild “. The DVD Boris is very thorough and covers all you need to know. The most exciting version of Any Card At Any Number from the ingenious mind of a FISM Award Winner! A prediction deck is introduced before the effect starts. Luckily Boris Wild’s ACAAB is one of the better versions. First, I find some personal joy in the fact that it was released as a book. You really don’t.

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Sep 15, Has anyone performed this or have any reviews on this routine? This has been out since a long time No rough and smooth No sticky cards No short cards No table needed No sleights No memorized deck or mnemonic work No formulas or sequences to remember No mental calculations to learn. My main concern is whether you need to wear a coat or jacket to perform this as I am usually not wearing one.

Magic Trick Reviews – Any Card At Any Birthday (ACAAB) Review

I was very impressed with this, really want to get it to the point of performance. It’s a VERY well thought out routine. Very good for stand up. But you need a coat.


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bogis Three Close Up Card Miracles now available! Sep 16, It’s in his book Transparency. I find it less cumbersome, though not quite as “pure. May 5, So much so that I had to walk out before he explained it. I have seen some complaints on this, about the deck not being in full view the entire time, I get that. Then allowing her to be the one to count out the cards.

It wilf so perfect and pure looking from my point of view. Feb 4, How many young magicians wear jackets now? Can’t see Dynamo or david blaine slipping on a nice tweed dinner jacket!!!!

So the fact you need a jacket to perform puts me off from the start. Also, not keen on not having the card pack on the table in full view all the time.

Just my opinion on an old method, but from reading the forum, it appears it’s popular among the magic fraternity. So I’ll shut up then!


Boris Wild • Artist Magician – Magic Shop – DVD ACAAB Any Card At Any Birthday

A lot of magicians, young and old wear jackets. No one I know wears tweed, though.

Most wear stylish jackets or suits. I wear a jacket with jeans sometimes. You can still look nice and be “cool” at the same time. But just because it’s not for you doesn’t mean it’s a bad trick.

It’s just not for you. Zombie Magic Inner circle I went out for a beer and now have Posts. The DVD came out not long ago: Boris acab very thorough and covers all you need to know.

I prefer the “birthday” angle because a problem with this plot is when they choose high numbers and you’re on stage counting 49 cards. Tarik Flash Inner circle Posts. Olympic Adam Inner circle Posts. Bors wouldn’t work for me, darn!

Robvs Elite user Posts. This page was created in 0.