Model: DPN L. Serial No: Year: Blister packing machine for hot or cold forming of mouldable films/foils. Up to 40 cycles per minute. NOACK BLISTER SYSTEMS. “configured to your need for maximum productivity“. Noack offers a comprehensive blister packaging portfolio that is designed. The Noack tradition of building flexible, robust and easy-to-operate blister machines has established the company as the supplier of choice to the contract and.

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DPN Over DPN machines in operation worldwide are proof of the confi dence users in ethical, generics and contract sector place in Noack technology.

The fl exibility of the intermittent motion DPN provides both operation in a stand-alone basis, as well as integration with the cartoner, such as the Promatic P91 horizontal cartoning machine. As a compact, entry-level solution, it is ideal for start-up operations npack also offers a number of upgrade options to increase productivity. Its proven technology has been continually enhanced to serve the changing needs of the marketplace, establishing The accomplished track record of the high-performance N intermittent motion platen machine has made it synonymous with dependability and versatility — qualities which continue to see it set the standard in the contract packing sector and other applications that require short batches and quick changeovers.


Thanks to modern and user-friendly GMP-compliant technology, the N is ideal for packing tablets, capsules, caplets, ampoules, vials and nonpharma products. Furthermore, optimal usage of machine time is achieved thanks to a combination of quick bluster easy adjustment, fast changeovers, total The versatile N offers the ability to add downstream technologies such as cartoning equipment to further enhance fl exibility towards customers.

Romaco blister noaxk offer the perfect fi t into your facility.

Recognizing that every plant is different the Noack blister packers allow fl exible solutions. So whatever your ideal line layout — straight, staggered, right angle or through wall — we can offer the most Blister lines Innovative Handling Systems Romaco cartoning machines with patented double positive carton-opening system, blister and carton handling via toothed belts and servo-controlled movements with individual safety clutches are raising the bar in performance and quality.

Noack Blister Packer |

nack Ultra-low dynamic impact on blisters, inserts and packs during cartoning provide the best care for your product. The changing nature of the pharmaceutical sector means that these ideals are now applicable in every pharmaceutical plant in every part of the world.


As such, the appeal of the Noack philosophy is now universal. In the forty years since Noack launched its fi rst The Online Industrial Exhibition.

Noack DPN | Romaco Pharmatechnik GmbH

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