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Sakhr ibn Harb Arabic: He was a staunch opponent of Muhammadthe prophet of Islamuntil later accepting Islam and becoming a warrior later in his life during the early Muslim conquests.

Sakhr’s mother, Safya, was the paternal aunt of Maymunah bint al-Harithwho married Muhammad. Abu Sufyan was the son of Harb ibn Umayyah. He was the chief of the Banu Abd-Shams clan of the Quraysh, which made him one of the most powerful in Mecca. Abu Sufyan’s brother Musab was among several Muslims who migrated to Abyssinia to escape persecution in Mecca.

After Muhammed and other Muslims had migrated to Medina inthe Quraysh confiscated the belongings they had left behind. InAbu Sufyan was the appointed leader of a large merchant caravan carrying a fortune of the Quraysh’s goods to Syria for trade. The caravan was escorted by a force of around 40 or 50 soldiers. Muhammad had learned that the caravan was passing close to Medina en route to Syria and organized a Muslim force of men to intercept it.

The Muslim contingent failed to intercept the caravan. They arrived after the caravan had already passed by Medina. Abu Sufyan had learned of the Muslims’ plan from scouts he had deployed, and in response, sent a crier to Mecca to rally the Quraysh to arms against the Muslims. The Muslims ended up engaging this Meccan army, a force of around men, at the plains of Badr several days after they had failed to intercept the caravan.


This conflict, the Battle of Badrultimately resulted in a Muslim victory. The death of most Quraysh leaders in the battle not only left Abu Sufyan the leader of Mecca, but also marked the fulfillment of the Quranic prophecy in surah Ar-Rum Abu Sufyan served as the military leader in the later Meccan campaigns against Medina, including the Battle of Uhud in and the Battle of the Trench inbut he could not attain final victory. Eventually the two parties agreed to an armistice, the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah inwhich allowed Muslims to make the pilgrimage to the Kaaba.

When the armistice was violated in by allies of the Quraish, Muhammad moved towards liberating Mecca from non-Muslim authority. Abu Sufyan, seeing that the balance had tilted in Muhammad’s favour and that the Quraish were not strong enough to hinder the Muslims from conquering the city, travelled to Medina, trying to restore the treaty.

Ziyad ibn Abih – Wikipedia

No agreement was reached between the two parties and Abu Sufyan returned to Mecca empty handed. These efforts ultimately ensured that the conquest occurred without battle or bloodshed. Abu Sufyan travelled back and forth between Mecca and Madina, still trying to reach a settlement. After the conquest of Mecca, Abu Sufyan fought as one of Muhammad’s commanders in the subsequent wars.

During the Siege of Ta’ifhe lost an eye. When Muhammed died inAbu Sufyan was in charge of Najran. Abu Sufyan also fought in the Battle of Yarmouk bonin which he lost his second sufyaan. He fought under the command of his son, Yazid ibn Abi Sufyan. Other children from prostitutes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the son of Harith, see Abu Sufyan ibn al-Harith. This article needs additional citations for verification.


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Muawiyah I

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Ziyad ibn Abih

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Umayya ibn Abd Shams.