Kashmir Governor, Bhagwan Sahay, to review the issues relating to Governors. Gopal Government of India (), Report of the Committee of Governors’. Bhagwan Sahay took over as the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir on 15 May of Kerala himself, he headed the committee of governors which sought to .. Bhushan in and Padma Vibhushan (posthumously) in Bhagwan Sahai Committee Report () and ASC `s. ().The recommendation of one commission get updated and revised by the another.

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M College in ChandausiMoradabad and became the second alumni of that College, after his immediate predecessor Ajit Prasad Jainto become governor of Kerala. In the s, under President VV Giria former governor of Kerala himself, he headed the committee of governors which sought to outline guidelines for constitutional heads. M College in Chandausi, Moradabad and became the second alumni of that Commityee, after his immediate predecessor Ajit Prasad Jain, to become governor of Kerala.

In the s, under President VV Giri, a former governor of Kerala himself, he headed the committee sahhai governors which sought to outline guidelines for constitutional heads.

Recommendations of bhagwan sahai committee report 1972

References “Who’s Who in India”. Raghupati Sahay 28 August — 3 Marchbetter known under his pen name Firaq Gorakhpuri, was a writer, critic, and, according to one commentator, one of the most noted contemporary Urdu poets from India.

He finished his basic education bhagwn then completed his Master’s degree in Urdu, Persian and English literature.

Yet he was able to make his mark in Urdu poetry at an early age.

Acharya Shivpujan Sahay 9 August — 21 January was a noted Hindi novelist, editor and prose writer. Personal life Shivpujan Sahay was born in a middle class Kayastha land-owning family in the Unwans village of Bhojpur District on 9 August His childhood name was ‘Bholanath’. His early education was in village ‘pathshalas’.

He moved to Lucknow in to join the editorial department of Dularelal Bhargava’s Madhuri where he worked with noted Hindi author Munshi Premchand and edited his Rangbhumi and some of his other stories. Inhe returned to Calcutta and engaged in editing short-lived journals such as Samanway, Committed, Golmal,Upanyas Tarang. Bhavwan and Kashmir in India. Technically he remained so until 17 Novemberalthough from 20 June his son Karan Singh acted as regent.

Sinha 4 Jun 25 Jun Early life Naval was born in Bombay on 30 August to a middle-class Parsi family. Petit Parsi Orphanage by family friends, in an effort to help support them. Prithviraj Kapoor 3 November — 29 May born Prithvinath Kapoor, was a pioneer of Indian theatre and of the Hindi film industry, who started his career as an actor in the silent era of Committe cinema, associated with IPTA as one of its founding members and who founded the Prithvi Theatres, a travelling theatre company based in Mumbai, in He was the patriarch of the Kapoor family of Hindi films, four generations of which, beginning with him, have played active roles in the Hindi film industry.

However, his father, Basheshwar Nath Kapoor, also played a short role in his movie Awaara. The Government of India honoured him with the Padma Bhushan in and the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in for his contributions towards Indian cinema.

She is one of the best-known and most respected playback singers in South Asia, especially India. Inin recognition of her contributions to the nation, she was awarded the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian honour and is only the second vocalist, after M.

Subbulakshmi, to receive this honour. One of the pioneers repott Indo-Anglian fiction, he, together with R. Narayan, Ahmad Ali and Raja Rao, was one of the first India-based writers in English to gain an international readership.


Anand is admired for his novels and short stories, which have acquired the status of being classic works of modern Indian English literature, noted for their perceptive insight into the lives of the oppressed and their analysis of impoverishment, exploitation and misfortune. Earlier, he was the member of the 9th Lok Sabha and represented Aligarh Constituency from to He was member of Rajya sabha from Uttar Pradesh during two term of and He was also member of Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly during He got 2,33, Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Urdu: After partition of India inKasur became a part of Pakistan.

He belonged to the Patiala gharana singing style of Punjab. Juries Two different committees were formed for feature films and short films, headed by Bhagwan Sahay and Prasanta Sanyal respectively.

Sarabhai received the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Medal in Vikram Sarabhai married the classical dancer Mrinalini in The couple had two children. His daughter Mallika gained prominence as an actress and activist, and his son Kartikeya Sarabhai too became an active person in science. During his lifetime, he practiced Jainism and belonged to the Shrimal Jain community of Ahmedabad.

PRL had a m He studied economics at Cambridge when Sahak was teaching there. Karan Singh born 9 March is an Indian politician, philanthropist and poet. Singh is the son of the aahai ruler of the erstwhile princely state of Jammu and Kashmir, Maharaja Hari Singh. Rreport received the Padma Vibhushan in He was proposed for candidacy in the July Indian presidential election by Bhim Singh.

Krishna Chali London lit.

Radhe lives in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. He belongs to a rich illiterate family. Shukla family holds big businesses. Radhe’s uncle Shuklaji has faced much humiliation from the society for his illiteracy. Shuklaji instead of educating himself and his family wants to get an educated wife for Radhe, wishing that she answers all his societal enemies.

Radhe gets the news that his uncle has fixed his marriage in neighboring town, Malihabad with the district topper Krishna, and he becomes happy with it. Shuklaji termed her as Radhe’s “trophy wife”.

Bhagwan Sahay – WikiVisually

Krishna assists her dad, Dubey at his clinic, who is a non-degree allopathic practitioner. Her mother died of cervical cancer. Padma Bhushan award recipients[1] Year Number of recipients —59 94 —69 —79 —89 —99 —09 —present The Padma Bhushan is the third-highest civilian award in the Republic of India, preceded by the Bharat Ratna and the Padma Vibhushan and followed by the Padma Shri.

Instituted on 2 Januarythe award is given for “distinguished service of a high order As ofthe award has been bestowed on individuals, including 20 posthumous and 94 non-citizen recipients. The Padma Awards Committee is constituted every year by the Prime Minister of India and the recommendations for the award are submitted between 1 May and 15 September.

Sumitranandan Pant 20 May — 28 December was an Indian poet. He was one of the most celebrated “Progressive” left-wing 20th century poets of the Hindi language and was known for romanticism in his poems which were inspired by nature, people and beauty within. Background Pant was born in Kausani village, Bageshwar District in what is now the state of Uttarakhand, into an educated middle-class Brahmin family.

His mother died a few hours after childbirth, and it appears he did not seek affection from his grandmother, father, or older brother, which later influenced his writing. He grew up in the same village and always cherished a love for the beauty and flavor of rural India, which is evident in all his major works. Pant reoort in Queens College in Banaras in The Governor of Kerala is the constitutional head of state of the southern Indian state of Kerala.


The governor is appointed by the President of India for a term of five years, and holds office at the President’s pleasure. The governor is de jure head of the Government of Kerala; all its executive actions are taken in the governor’s name. However, the governor must act on the advice of the popularly elected council of ministers, headed by the Chief Minister of Kerala, committeee thus holds de facto executive authority in the state. The Constitution of India also empowers the governor to act aahai his vommittee her own discretion, such as the ability to appoint or dismiss a ministry, recommend President’s rule, or reserve bills for the President’s assent.

Over the years, the exercise of these discretionary powers have given rise to conflict between the elected chief minister and the central government—appointed governor. Sathasivam, a former Chief Committew of India, is the Kerala’s incum God Vishnu Jayshree Gadkar God Shiva Anita Guha Goddess Parvati Rajan Haksar God Indra Moolchand Polson Senapati Khantasur Babu Raje Senapati’s father-in-law Tun Tun Ustad Bismillah Khan 21 March — 21 August born as Qamaruddin Khanoften referred to by the title Ustad, was an Indian musician credited with popularizing the shehnai, a subcontinental wind instrument of the oboe class.

While the shehnai had long held importance as a folk instrument played primarily schooled intraditional ceremonies, Bhagqan is credited with elevating its status and bringing it to the concert stage. Subbulakshmi and Ravi Shankar to be accorded this distinction.

On his nd birthday, Google honored Bismillah Khan with a Google doodle. Verghese Kurien 26 November — 9 Septemberknown as the ‘Father of the White Revolution’ in India,[2] was a social entrepreneur whose “billion-litre idea”, Operation Flood, the world’s largest agricultural dairy development programme,[3][4] made commirtee farming India’s largest self-sustaining industry and the largest rural employment rwport, being a third of all rural income,[5] with benefits cmomittee raising incomes and credit, riddance of dommittee dependence, nutrition, education, health, gender parity and empowerment, breakdown of caste barriers and grassroots democracy and leadership.

Rajasthan state assembly elections, were held in Indian state of Rajasthan on 4 December Results were announced on 8 December. The incumbent ruling party BJP lost to Congress. Karanpur Gurmeet Singh Kunnar Independent 4.

Anupgarh Pawan Kumar Dug He began his career as a teacher in in a Government primary school. After a few years, from he changed his profession and started practicing law, in the Magistrates Courts.

His main ambition was to uplift the status of the Nair community.

A list of members representing the state of Rajasthan in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly. There are currently members of the legislative assembly with the Bharatiya Janata Party forming the seats,followed by the Indian National Congress with Pandit Makhanlal Chaturvedi 4 April — 30 Januaryalso called Pandit ji, was an Indian poet, writer, essayist, playwright and a journalist who is particularly remembered for his participation in India’s national struggle for independence and his contribution to Chhayavaad, the Neo-romanticism movement of Hindi literature.

He became a schoolteacher when he was aged Narayan Shripad Rajhans, better known as Bal Gandharva 26 June — 15 Julywas one of the greatest Marathi singers and stage actors.