In the caged depths of an urban reservoir lives a monstrous creature. Its existence is unknown to anyone except the teenage boy who feeds it. Six years ago it. Beast. Ally Kennen, Author Push $ (p) ISBN The book’s central conflict revolves around the title beast, a crocodile given to. BEAST. by Ally Kennen. Age Range: 14 & up. BUY NOW FROM Captive in an iron cage near the local reservoir’s shore, the beast survives.

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At first neither described nor named, the Beast is a formless, terrifying, predatory monster that Stephen has cared for since it was a baby, and who lives in a cage hidden near the reservoir. The story is told by a year-old boy who has been moved from foster home to foster home for too long. What he thinks is his little secret isn’t so much.

In the depths of a reservoir lives a monstrous creature. ThePageturners Mar 6, Stephen is a year-old foster child living on the edge beawt the law. However, the language used is simple, but lovely at the same time. The characters feel real and the events seem plausible, despite the outlandish idea of a crocodile thriving in a cage in a reservoir in chilly England.


All Shortlists and Winners. No woman has ever beaten Ally in an arm wrestle. I love your books. His relationship with this monstrous creature of bast deep is brilliantly told and full of intrigue and suspense and the secrets he keeps are cleverly revealed to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.

BEAST by Ally Kennen | Kirkus Reviews

I thought it was kinda sad how his life was had to be in a foster aly his whole life and dint get to see his real parents as much as i do. It’s been a couple years. Friday, 13 June Beast. I can’t just about cope with Stephenbut Carol?? When the crocodile grows to 12 feet long Stephen doesn’t know what to do about it. Now the creature bfast grown huge, and its rusting cage can’t hold it much longer.

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He’s not a conventional “good” character, but there’s something about him that’s good. In the depths of a reservoir lives a monstrous creature.

The truth about the Beast was actually pretty boring. And he actually writes back. But i guss it would of been pretty scary knowing that a alligtor lives by you.


I’ve read beast and berserk and i love them. Can anyone else even help? And that’s when it’s in a cage. Newer Post Older Post Home. In the first page he sets his stall out pretty clearly, w I only discovered Ally Kennen’s books when the superb ‘Bullet Boys’ was released in January Listened to the audiobook version of this. I thought it was kinda sad how his life was had to be in a foster care his whole I thought that the beast by Ally Kennen was weriod and intresting at the same time.


I was surprised it got out like half way through and I kept expecting the pace to pick up but?

But that’s not all. In my mind a vague shape of a dinosaur or some other kind of monster had formed. So yeah, I really liked it, totally worth a read!

I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising. Stephen, the main character, starts the book wit I wish I’d read this excellent book a year ago!