Brand Asset Valuator is a metric applied for the measurement of brand value of an entity. Brand Asset Valuator was developed by an agency called “Young and . The BAV Model of advertising agency Young & Rubicam measures Brand Value by applying four broad factors: 1. Differentiation – Differentiation is the ability for. Bav model (brand asset valuator model) to measure brand equity.

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Brand Asset Valuator (BAV)

A Brand Asset valuator is a metric that is used to analyze how a brand is perceived by its consumers in terms of different attributes. The BAV database includes more than brands for across 40 countries and measured on over 75 metrics. One of the most important key factors to consider in analyzing any brand value is about its consumer awareness. A product can easily get faded however, a brand is everlasting.


The BAV metric measures the brand value by valuatpr four dimensions i. Differentiation, Relevance, Esteem and Knowledge. Differentiation determines a distinctive position from its competitors, the key constituents of Differentiations are: Relevance is about how a brand relates to its target market.

Understanding Brand Equity-Brand Asset Valuator Model(BAV model)

The differentiation and relevance of a particular brand are its Brand Strength which plays as a yardstick for successful and dynamic growth of valuato brand. For instance, Unilever, Disney, Hallmark etc. The Esteem and Knowledge makes a Brand Stature which indicates the involvement with a brand. Pepsi, Coca Cola etc.

By properly managing these relationships help to succeed the brand and to retain its brand value. On the vertical axis, the Brand strength is plotted i. On the horizontal asst, Brand stature is plotted i.

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Brand Asset Valuator – BAV | MBA Tutorials

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