The tenth in the Field Manual series, Field Manual: Periphery details the. Handbook: Major Periphery States is a sourcebook released electronically in. The Inner Sphere is the heart of the BattleTech universe. Centered around Terra, it stretches Factions in the Deep Periphery. Alfirk · JàrnFòlk · Nueva Castile.

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The average Alliance citizen is a hard-working, if superstitious, individual who values personal loyalty and has a strong work ethic.

Such a provision makes it difficult to pass any but the most conservative policy directives. This system remains viable because the majority of batyletech realize that they retain their position only on the sufferance of the plebs, and treat their slaves and employees fairly. The lack of BattleMechs and support craft in any real numbers make offensive operations outside the Alliance impractical.

Unlike many other Periphery states, the Alliance bestows few titles of nobility.

The war finally ended when the Star League finally pierced the Hyades Nebulaand the last remnants of the Taurian Concordat Surrendered.

Integrating into the tight-knit crew took time, but you eventually proved your worth and became part of the family. Only the most unreasonable factions refused to admit that the Alliance’s deep-seated, long-standing economic woes could be more accurately blamed on the realm’s founders than its current administration.

After regaining control of their own pdriphery once more, the Battletefh enjoyed a Golden Age along with the rest of humanity.

Known for their extensive deposits of gold, uranium, and other precious minerals, all three planets battletecy host to harsh arctic climate that makes mining operations costly. This is similar to the situation faced by the Soviet Unionalthough Niops seems aware of the threat of the free spread of information to their dominance.

Handbook: Major Periphery States – BattleTechWiki

Inspired by the professor Major Able had his entire Mecernary peripphery land on planet; and announced that he was going to offer the Rim Collection a contract were they would support the state as its first military force and train militia forces during their contract. Non-BattleMech units have similar organization, though with a few significant differences.


During lull during the Second succession War House Marik troops occupied Circunis, before pulling out due to the need for more forces to attack or repel enemy assaults. As the heir to a noble family, you grew up wanting for nothing. After rescuing you and helping to honor your fallen comrades, he offered you a job in the House Arano Royal Guard.

Periphery (BattleTech)

In the past, Marian raids on Free Worlds League border planets kept relations between them chilly. Forswearing the evils of technology in even its simplest forms, the Omniss advocate an agrarian, close-knit, and decidedly anti-militaristic lifestyle. Gaining the power through trust of the military and the populace, Emma Centrella disposed of her own mother in May offully becoming the Magistrix of the Magistracy of Canopus.

Less than 10 percent of the Alliance’s population can be classified as well-to-do, and even these have very little in comparison with their Inner Sphere counterparts. Pirate attacks continue to represent the greatest source of trouble, both political and economic, that the Pfriphery Alliance faces, and at the moment they must try to conquer that particular challenge alone.

Given time, a more stabilized form of economic exchange may develop. Needless to say, no single person or band of pirates has been able to gain the upper hand on this brutal, corrupt world, and so Port Krin continues to serve as a convenient base from which bandits conduct their devastating raids against the planets of the Outworlds Alliance. These actions cost the League its few JumpShips and damaged what little industry on Lothario had managed to emerge over the last three centuries.

This notwithstanding, the average Alliance citizen is only marginally literate and prone to a number of superstitions. Although every worker, may not have much political say or chance for economic advancement, but has is bzttletech a comfortable minimal standard of living. The MCC answers only to the Magestrix. Lying at the juncture between the Draconis Combine and the Federated Suns, it consists of 38 inhabited worlds in a volume of peripherj approximately 55 parsecs in diameter, which is one-fourth its peripyery size.


Niops has only contacted other nations located in the Periphery. This increased activity, of course, provides new jobs for locals living near the ComStar stations.

Tocleft The Periphery is the outer spacial area surrounding the Inner Sphere within the fictional universe of the BattleTech franchise of video games, novels, and TV series. Had weakened and demoralized Capellan troops and would allow their combined forces to overwhelm the smallest Successor State within the Inner Sphere.

Colonel Zachariah Cirion, leader of the Black Warriors, began to support his people through a series of sneak attacks against outlying Marik agricultural worlds. Even with submission, the periphery states still were treated with discontent by their InnerSphere counter-parts. Its attempts to hold onto these perilhery remaining worlds have created serious economic and political problems.

After heavy rehabilitation, you proved your worth and were inducted into the House Arano Royal Guard.

Handbook: Major Periphery States

Vowing eternal vengeance on House Marik for their outlawed status, the Black Warriors settled on the planet Circinus and joined the pirates already operating there. Piracy became a major governmental function, with covert “agencies” responsible both for the raids themselves and for covering them up. The basic unit is the maniple, which consists of five BattleMechs or vehicles. However, the Periphery continued forth. As a general decline in population threatens this state’s peruphery, the creed has gained substantial acceptance in all levels of society.

Omniss is similar to the cultures of the Mennonite and Amish religious groups of Terra during the peripjery and 20th centuries.

Unless drastic reform takes place in battlefech next decade, the Alliance could easily suffer total economic collapse. Pure chance brought you back to the Aurigan Reach, as your mercenary crew took an ill-fated contract against an enclave of pirates on the outskirts of Aurigan space.