An Autosys job is any single command, executable, script, . start due to hardware or application problems, and has been scheduled to restart. In this article, we will take a look at one of the important and frequently asked Autosys Interview questions, difference between ON HOLD and. A free inside look at Autosys interview questions and process details for other very basic question, It seems like they were asking it from google. 1 Answer.

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View my complete profile. Subscribe to Posts [ Atom ]. How will you kill all the child process of a parent process? How can we do this in unix shell scripting? Why do we need to use autosys? Ans – Autosys is a job scheduling software like Control – M and cron, with the help of autosys we can define the run time,day,date,week and which script or program needs to be run.

In real business, you need to fire jobs not just based on scheduled time, but also based on events like an arrival of a fileand, based on the success or failure of other jobs. Autosys is a total job scheduling solution that allows you to define these events, dependencies, time schedules, alerts, etc, making it a complete data center automation tool.

The main advantage of using autosys w. Ans – There are the two methods you can use to create job definitions: Have you ever used any other scheduling tool, other than Cron Tab?

Ans – ps -eaf grep RU — will list out the Processes currently running in the System. Sourcing commands help you to execute the scripts within the scripts. For example sh command makes your program to run as a separate shell.

This is an important command for beginners and for special purposes. If your script has more than 9 params then accept in following way What are the different kinds of loops available in shell script?

Successful, 1 or other: How do u open a read only file in Unix? What is the difference between a shell variable that is exported and the one that is not exported? If you have a string “one two three”, Which shell command would you use to extract the strings? How do you schedule a command to run at 4: Schedule the Job using crontab. From the command prompt perform a man on crontab and then type in crontab -e to create a new job. How will you list only the empty lines in a file using grep?

How would you get the character positions from a text file? Print selected parts of lines from each FILE to standard output.


Autosys interview questions and answers – Page 1

Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options too. How would you print just the 25th line in a file smallest possible script please?

How would you replace the n character in a file with some xyz? This is for file permissions on unix- first is for self, second for group, and third for others. To change permissions on a UNIX file or directory, use the chmod command. What is the difference between a ‘thread’ and a ‘process’?

Write a shell script to identify the given string is palindrome or not? How Connect to a Database in Shell Programming? Please tell me Step by Step? Nad order to connect to a database using a shell script it is always necessary to set the environment first and then connect to the database and execute whatever the statements u need to and come out of the script gracefully.

The above script echoes the name of the database you are connected along with the archive log autosyd information. What is this line in the shell script do? It gives the environment or the shell in which your script would be run.

What is the basic difference u find between a shell script and perl. I mean the advantages of one over the other?

But the same qeustions is not with Shell scripting. PERL modules are extensive and can be used for n number of purposes. How to inetrview input values from the user? How to compress files by using shell scripting? How do you search the string for vowel’s occurrence and number of occurrences of each vowel. You have current directory containing set of directories which contain files. One file can reside in many directories.

Write script which returns number of unique file names in all the subdirectories of a current dir. Unix is having 3 ways of Security Mechanism: By granting or revoking File permissions. Owner or Admin can change permissions to be given to group or others by using chmod command in Unix. Login is restricted using login credentials User name and Password. A named pipe is questuons special file that is used to transfer data between unrelated processes.

One or more processes write to it, while another process reads from it. To create a named pipe, use the Unix command mknod 1 or on some systems, unterview 1. These may not be in your normal path.