Each of the disciples went on to compose samhitas, incorporating ideas from Atreya’s school of thought as well as their own understanding of the subject. Atreya Samhita is an ancient text on Ayurvedic medicines written by Atreya. It contains 46, verses in five adhyayas (chapters). It is the basis of the works of . The Atreya Samhita is perhaps the oldest medical book in the world; it survives from Taksashila University, going back to the mid-I Millennium BC.

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Charaka is thought to have flourished sometime between the 2nd century bce and the 2nd century ce. The Charaka-samhita as it exists today is thought to have arisen in the 1st century ce.

Studies on ancient Indian medicine indicate, however, that the original text was written several centuries earlier by Agnivesha, who was one of six disciples of Ayurvedic scholar Punarvasu Atreya the other five disciples were Bhela, Jatukarna, Parashara, Atreyaa, and Ksharapani.

Of those, the Agnivesha-samhitacomposed by Agnivesha, was unique in depth and content.

Later refined and annotated by Charaka, it came to be known as the Charaka-samhita. Charaka divided the atreay into eight parts, or ashtanga sthana s: While Charaka delved into all aspects of medicine, including the logic and philosophy behind the Indian medicinal system, he placed special emphasis on the diagnosis of disease and treated Ayurveda as a comprehensive system of health care that dealt with both preventive and curative aspects.


Atreya Samhita

He also dealt elaborately with subjects such as fetal generation and development, anatomy of the human bodyand function and malfunction of the body according to the tridosha the three humours of the body — vatapittaand kapha. He also discussed the classification of various diseases. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. Your contribution may ztreya further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval.

Agnivesa – Wikipedia

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The Sushruta-samhita probably originated in the last centuries bce and had…. Estimates place the Caraka-samhita in its present form as dating from the 1st century cealthough there were earlier versions. Areya Susruta-samhita probably originated in the last centuries bce and had become….


Diagnosisthe process of determining samyita nature of a disease or disorder and distinguishing it from other possible conditions. The term comes from the Greek gnosismeaning knowledge. Ayurveda, traditional system of Indian medicine.

Ayurvedic medicine is an example of a well-organized system of traditional health care, both preventive and curative, that is widely practiced in parts of Asia.

Ayurveda has szmhita long tradition behind it, having originated in India perhaps as much as…. History of Ayurveda medicine, history of In history of medicine: Help us improve this article!

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Atreya Samhita in India

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