NORTH AMERICA RMA CHECKLIST You are sending your ASUS product in for inspection and Get the RMA Checklist Not the form you were looking for?. Upload a PDF or design from scratch flyers, magazines, books and more. Author: ydavidson, Catalog: Asus RMA CheckList, Published: Oct I am sending in my laptop for RMA. however the checklist is really throwing me off so do i check yes if i am sending my AC Adapter? or is that.

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Here we had a legit video card that died a natural death!

Asus RMA and Warranty Guide

You can follow our RMA journey below! The process was simple and during the chat we were told that we needed to send the card in checkist service.

The chat was closed and we were sent RMA instructions and they let us know the RMA number was valid for 30 days from the date frm.

The RMA instructions were rather lengthy and do not look like they have been updated in over a decade. To top it off the e-mail is also full of character encoding issues that should be corrected.

We got busy with things and finally dropped off the card with Fedex Ground. We also put the RMA number on the shipping label an on the shipping box with a permanent pen. It took 17 days to hear anything from ASUS. Since this was for a gaming system and not a mining system that seemed more than fair enough. We accepted the offer by responding to the e-mail within 2 hours of receiving it on August 11th. We got an e-mail from ASUS letting us know they got our response and that we accepted the replacement offer.


They asked to verify or shipping address and let us know the replacement card would ship asux approximately 5 business days. No tracking number was given in that e-mail, but when we checked our repair status on the ASUS support website it showed a FedEx Ground tracking number.

Our card was delivered by Fedex while we were not home at The replacement card arrived without the retail packaging, but ASUS did include the accessory bundle.

The card was tested later that day and found to be in proper working order, so case closed. We were curious about how long it took to get a replacement card. Our only big gripe was hearing nothing from ASUS once they received our card for over two weeks. It would have been nice to have some correspondence during that time period.

Asus RMA checklist question. – Asus – Laptop Tech Support

If we were to have declined to model change we are unsure how long it would have taken to get the Radeon RX fixed or replaced. ASUS was made aware of this article on August 29th, due to the legal disclaimer they use with all customer support e-mails.


We needed to get written consent to publish screen shots asue details of those e-mails due to that disclaimer.

The ASUS disclaimer is shown below and we received permission to publish all correspondence on August 30th, This email and any attachments to it contain confidential information and are intended solely for the use of the individual to whom it is addressed. If you are not the intended recipient or receive it accidentally, please immediately notify the sender by e-mail and delete the message and any attachments from your computer system, and destroy all hard copies.

If any, please be advised that any unauthorized disclosure, copying, distribution or any action taken or omitted in reliance on this, is illegal and prohibited.

Thank you for your cooperation. An ASUS service manager jumped on a call with us and explained our RMA was longer than normal due to the part shortage of the video card that we were trying to get repaired.

This was not the case with our product due to the shortage. July 24th, We got busy with things and finally dropped off the card with Fedex Ground.

August 23rd, Our card was delivered by Fedex while we were not home at View this thread in our forums!