Alternate Qualification Courses FM CHAPTER 7. M a -k s m ai IS ;h if) (;c n 3 sar ic)S (car A FM CO O Z Ui o to HI or. TC is focused on rifle and carbine employment. Every marksman and prepared civilian needs to be familiar with its contents. Let’s dig. Training Circular (TC) provides Soldiers with the critical information for their rifle or carbine and how it How to Build an AR A Beginner’s Guide.

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Proper eye relief is obtained when a soldier establishes a good cheek-to-stock weld. All marksmanship trainers must complete the three phases of training using the progression steps, and they must be updated on a quarterly basis.

Shot groups indicate major shooting error. A novice firer can learn to place the rifle in a steady position and to correctly aim at the target if he follows the basic principles.

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Immediate action involves quickly applying a possible correction to reduce a stoppage without performing troubleshooting procedures to determine the actual cause. A damaged extractor or a weak or broken extractor spring can also cause this malfunction.

Soldiers must confirm the battle sight zeros of their assigned rifles before conducting a qualification firing. This exercise specifically focuses on the soldier’s position, breathing and sight ra. Press bottom of bolt catch and allow bolt to move forward until it engages bolt catch. Soldiers are taught peer coaching techniques and responsibilities IAW this manual. Have you 3-22.9 stated the intent of record fire? Remove the carrying handle and mount the M68 1 by tightening the thumbscrew clamping knob.

Figure A depicts a meter boresight target and Figure IB page depicts a meter zero target. The borelight comes with a 5. Initial training must be taught correctly the first time. Although any notch is acceptable, testing has shown that the farther away the M68 is from the soldier’s eyes, the better his field of view. These addresses assist the user in remounting an accessory in the same position, FM Establish grouping and zeroing procedures.


The even numbered recoil grooves of each rail of the RAS are sequentially numbered within the recoil grooves themselves Figure Based on the position of the disconnector cam, the first trigger pull after initial selection of the BURST position can produce one, two, or three firing cycles before the trigger must be pulled again.

The weapon must be cocked, to point the 3-22.99 toward SAFE. This is not a malfunction. Do they understand sight adjustment procedures?

Excessive carbon buildup on the firing pin FigureA is often the cause, because the full forward travel of the firing pin is restricted. If difficulty 3-22. encountered, turn the sight and the rifle upside down. Additionally, the numbers of the rail to the shooter’s left have an “L” prefix while those on the rail to the shooter’s right have an “R” prefix. Mount the rail grabber all the way forward on the top or either side of the RAS ensuring it does not extend beyond the end of the RAS.

It also allows the torque-limiting knob 2 to be mounted on either the left or right side when top mounted or top or bottom when side mounted to ensure the torque-limiting knob does not interfere with the operation of the weapon. Soldiers can maintain, load and unload 3-222.9 magazines refer to -322.9 0.

Full text of “FM Rifle Marksmanship M16A1, M16A, M16A4, and M4 Carbine”

Training the Trainer Full text of ” FM The strategy consists of the individual and leader refresher training for maintaining the basic skills learned during IET. At the same time, the extractor claw grips the rim of the cartridge, and the ejector is compressed. Failure to feed, at, or lock.

Those that show a complete penetration of the primer by the firing pin could also indicate failure of the cartridge to fully seat in the chamber. Locating Targets Shot groups with consistent aiming and major shooting error. See Appendix A for more information. The forefinger is placed on the trigger so the lay of the rifle is not disturbed when the trigger is squeezed. Table and Table page show 3-2.9 much one click of elevation or windage will move the strike of the round from a meter zero all the way out to meters.


If the chamber surface is damaged, the entire barrel must be replaced. Failures to eject should not be reported as extraction failures.

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Do soldiers demonstrate an 3-229 of the weapon’s operation, functioning, and capabilities? Features that differentiate the EST from other systems are superior accuracy and state of the art graphics. The borelight has four settings: This technique must not be confused with the procedure for correctly loading a magazine into the weapon due to the position of the bolt.

Soldiers should avoid long-term use of percent tracer rounds, which could cause deposits of incendiary material, or chemical compounds that could damage the barrel. If destruction of the individual rifle must be performed to prevent enemy use, the rifle must be damaged so it cannot be restored to a usable condition. Shot groups indicate no firer error.

This exercise assists the coach and the firer in determining which eye the firer should use when engaging targets. Retightening of the thumbscrew is recommended after a few rounds have been fired to ensure zero retention. The remote switch should be attached to the weapon where it is most convenient for the firer without interfering with the functioning of the weapon or hindering the firer’ s ability to fire the weapon. Practice Record Fire Standards Active and Reserve Component units should consult DA PamStandards in Weapons Training, for regulatory guidance on mandatory live-fire training and qualification events.

If ammunition is available, the trainer conducts a firing exercise. Additional mechanical training is available in A to include disassembly, maintenance, assembly, loading, and sight manipulation.