Download free Islamic lectures Sheikh anwar al awlaki. Life of Muhammad saw by Imam Anwar Al Awlaki is THE BEST seerah lecture in English. He has beautifully and most eloquently narrated the. Re: Seerah by Imam Anwar Al Awlaki actually, the link that was given can be heard on your computer, but you wont be able to play that on your.

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Notify Admin about this post. Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullaah. Since a period of time,here in the US, there are lectures cd’s of Anwar al-‘Awlaki on the hereafter, the lives of the prophets, and the seerah. It has been published by al-Basheer publication. So I would like to know, rahimakum Allaah who he is and if this individual is following the salafi manhaj or not.

Walaykum as Salaam wa Rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu, There have been a number of threads about him here on the forum, try searching for Anwar Awlaki with a K instead of a Q. In sserah, he is on the manhaj of the Ikhwaan. I remember checking out his blog shortly after he was released from prison and he was writing reviews of all the books of Sayyid Qutb that he read sesrah serving his sentence. This was recent and is likely still on there though I would not recommend looking at his blog.

He has a master’s of education degree if I am not mistaken, and I believe was seeking his doctorate in something related to business.

Transcribed “Life of Muhammad saw” by Imam Anwar Al Awlaki

In short, he has never formally sought knowledge of Islaam. The only person he has sat with is the pharmacist Zindaanee, who himself never studied and last I checked was in charge of the Jaami’atul Eemaan in Yemen, which has elements of the Ikhwaan, Khawaarij, and Takfeerees in it. Normally I wouldn’t speak this harshly against someone but to wnwar frank I don’t think he is someone who we should be paying attention to.

No formal education in Islaam, he is just someone who reads books like the rest of us and not even authentic books. Anwr you want information in English, there is free audio to be found on sites like Troid or Salafi Audio.

There is no shortage of sites in Arabic, either. I think all of us would better spend our time listening to the ‘ulama and those students whom are known to be reliable, not all these speakers. This goes for myself first and foremost. Please forgive me if I have said anything incorrect and know that any truth in this post is only from Allaahu ta’aala.

Jazaak Allaahu khayran, akhil kareem. There is one adendum I would like to add, if the administrators feel it is appropriate, due to something a bit more disturbing. As a general rule I don’t busy myself with these matters as I am busy both with work and trying to gain beneficial knowledge myself, however a close friend emailed me something this morning. It is not my intention to give this man any more attention, however I felt since this thread is here on the forum and people will ostensibly find it in searches that one last comment should deerah added.

The email I received was a link to al-Awlaki’s blog – and once again, I do not recommend anybody abuses their eyes and brain by reading it – but my curiosity got the better of me, may Allaah forgive me for that.

His latest is an open call against the rulers of some of seerau Muslim countries, using the general “Arab states” rather than listing names, Allaahu a’lam though I have seen the followers of Qutb display this behavior before.

He equates the fact that a high-ranking American diplomat received gifts in the way of jewelry when meeting with foreign counterparts with Muwaalah of the kuffaar. He goes on to call the “corrupt rulers” munaafiqoon, assumes he knows the intention of whichever diplomat or official sent the gifts, and formally separates himself from the rulers.

As my friend mentioned in this email: Al-Haatib ibn Abee Balta’ah wrote to the Kuffaar warning them about the army of the Prophet salallaahu alaihi wa salam and this did not remove him from Islaam, nor was he ascribed with Nifaaq by the Prophet salallaahu alaihi wa salam.

I suppose he doesn’t know of all the ahaadeeth and athaar regarding splitting off from the jama’ah. Would he consider a Muslim brother married to a woman of Ahlul Kitaab to be a munaafiq too if he gave his wife jewlery? I want to give al-Awlaki the benefit of the doubt here as a Muslim but I can’t awlaii find the ability to do so at this point. This was just the motivation I had this morning though.


The meat of my post is below. I remember back in August that he had posted a defense of himself, though I brushed it off at the time due to its obvious weakness. Because I still see young brothers and sisters flocking to takfeer because of this man, I felt I should post one last thing on him to lay it to rest. If this is out of line or inappropriate, then I ask the administrators to remove it.

A question xwlaki posed to him asking about his education, and this is one more thing awlami should be laid to rest.

From the very beginning, ap question shows the truly terrifying personality attachment his fans have to them. The question starts out by claiming their is a “campaign” against him in the West and then openly disavows the advice of the Salaf such as Muhammad ibn Seereen rahimahullaah who warned us to be careful of who we take knowledge of this deen from.

Finally, the question ends asking for his credentials – showing that his fan had no idea what they even were, and that his disciples follow him not for the knowledge he does or doesn’t have, but because of other reasons. Like many of these popular speakers, he is charismatic and energetic and for many of the youth a nice man who spouts off popular political opinions is all they need.

Seerah Meccan Period

No need to check the facts, jump to a conclusion and selectively look for proof later. His first comment was: Sat in the circles of the ‘ulama in Makkah and Madeenah Were these saalihoon, or hizbiyyoon? It doesn’t make much difference, I just find it odd that the names are not given. And I say it does not make much difference because it was only for a combined period of a few months.

Ikhwah, all of us who have been in this country for a few months have sat with the ‘ulama for a few months. It doesn’t mean a thing. What sort of visa was he here on? Was he one of the brothers who came here on an ‘umrah visa which lasts for three months for U. Combined few months, did he come here for a week here, one month there, maybe three weeks another two years later, and so forth?

It doesn’t add up and seems intentionally vague. Alright, good for him. But Haddaad sat with the ‘ulama as well, in fact he sat with Shaykh Bin Baaz rahimahullaah and look at his condition. He says he sat with Shaykh ‘Uthaymeen rahimahullaah, for a short while He didn’t announce it ahead of time as he was just visiting and still there were dozens of us who came out on short notice.

Even the street sweepers from outside came in to sit with him. Will these workers now go back to their countries and start releasing CDs, saying they sat with Shaykh ar-Rayyis? Will the janitor of the masjid who was there now tell his whole neighborhood that he is a student of the Shaykh?

This situation is even more extreme with Shaykh ‘Uthaymeen; many of his duroos had hundreds of people there at a time.

Abu Bakr as-Siddiq And His Life | Audio — Muflihun

Yet al-Awlaki mentions his name here as though he was some personal student of the Shaykh. He also goes on to mention the ijaazahs he holds in the basics of Islaamic study. This is primarily from members of the al-Ahdal family in Yemen. When searching on the internet when this matter originally came up, we could only find information on one of the members of this family that he is said to have studied with.

This individual has a website with some of his poetry and some matters relating to hadeeth; aside from this, we could not find anything in English or Arabic. I like to give him husn udh-dhann as he may not be upon the misguidance that al-Awlaki is upon but by all measures he too appears to be majhool, wallaahu a’lam. The issue of ijaazah is also thrown around much in the matter that the Soofiyyah tend to do.


The tactic is simply to pile on as many of these authorizations to teach as possible; who they came from, if the teacher themself had the right to even give ijaazah in the first place, or how in-depth the study was is never questioned. The most telling issue, though, is that we know for a fact that not a single one of his fans has a clue who any of his teachers were. The majority of them are English-speaking youth in the United States, and given that there is slim to nil information on his teachers to be found in print or online, in English or in Arabic, it is unlikely to the point of certainty that they have no idea who these people are.

They could be Qutubees, Suroorees, or anything for all these youth know, but they don’t seem to care. To them, it doesn’t matter. There are many students of knowledge who, unlike him, have spent more than a combined few months and then private study with unknown persons and still don’t claim to have ijaazah in all six books of hadeeth, so the mere possibility of his claim is suspect considering that he has been in the U.

He presented a resume with some bold claims and for the youth, this is enough. To top it off, he advertises that he spent time with al-‘Awdah.

If this is indicative of his other teachers then may Allaah guide them and him, if not then I can’t imagine them being too pleased where he is now – cursing the rulers and putting himself forward as someone to teach with minimal time spent studying.

I want to emphasize again why I put this out. There is nothing “personal” against him, to be frank he represents a minority view even amongst the Qutubiyyah who are usually more crafty and covert than his open supplications against the rulers. I don’t care about him to be honest. What I do care about is a majhool who has spent most of his adult life studying secular subjects in the U. What I do care about is that a few young people are being reintroduced to the books of Sayyid Qutb through his writings.

What I do care about is a majhool who studied with similarly unknown teachers though he does make sure to throw al-‘Awdah’s name in there touting ijaazah in books of hadeeth despite in-depth study not being possible given the amount of time he had.

What I do care about is a man who thinks too highly of himself calling the ‘ulama of Ahlus Sunnah “Green Zone scholars” and the rulers “pimps” who both promote the fiqh of “weakness and humiliation.

His latest posts have truly exposed what he is upon and that is more telling than anything, though in general al-Qutubiyyah was-Surooriyyah in general have few people with knowledge amongst them and thus anybody with even a sliver is put on a pedestal.

Don’t be fooled, as both his manhaj and his education are a problem and his condition is very clear. Boorika feek my brother!

About ijaazahs and academic qualifications: Umm Asma Umran Haji France. This is how deviant and misguided they are. His blog shortly after he was released from prison had some writing reviews of all the books of Sayyid Qutb that he read while serving his sentence.

So you can see how Anwar Al Awlaki refers to and writes reviews of deviant individuals like Sayyid Qutb despite the Scholars refutations against such individuals. With regards to the pharmacist Zindaanee, who Anwar sat with, he himself never studied. Sheikh Muqbil supported and praised the refutation made against Zindaanee. Normally I wouldn’t speak this harshly against someone but to be frank; I really want you brothers and sisters to know who this Anwar Al Awlaki is so that you are not misled in your religion.

I hope you take benefit from what I have said my brothers and sisters in Islam. Attached pdf is part 1 of the response of Shaykh Dr. Abdullah al-Jarboo hafidhahullah to some of what Anwar al-Awlaki may Allah guide him and us has claimed.