Included with all of the ANSYS AQWA packages is the Hydrodynamic Diffraction analysis can be mapped onto an ANSYS Mechanical or ANSYS ASAS finite. First, a hydrodynamic diffraction analysis is carried out using ANSYS AQWA. The resulting .. converted into the ASAS format, using the ANSTOASAS command. Hi friend im new in this. id like to learn more about the AQWA and ASAS to my project will be great if you can send to me some tutorials o AQWA.

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Discussion in ‘ Software ‘ started by neodesignerNov 24, Log in or Sign up.

AlvarocotaquispNov 22, Hi friend im new in this. AlvarocotaquispNov 28, Im ship’s engineer studient from unversity from Peru. Here we are using the ansys ICEM CFD to calculate the resistance to advance of a ship and compare ours results with experimental tests tow test this estudy was presented in a conference in other countrie. Your help will be very very useful here because in anzys country, our university is the unique that has this major and we dont have many facilties to develop our major.

MY MSN is alvarocotaquispe gmail. AlvarocotaquispDec 2, Hi Friends, I performed an analysis in aqwa workbench on a hull and found the pressure due to wave loadings. Now I want to transfer this data to aqwa wave or asas for structural analysis under his wave loading. Can anywone tell me the procedure to transfer the data obtained from the analysis to ansys aqwa wave or asas? NabeelarslanJan 30, Good Afternoon Nabeel, since I am woking on a projekt with exactly the same target, it anshs be nice to get in touch.

JannesHFeb 3, Good Afternoon Jannesh Its great to know that you are also working on the same project. I’ll keep in touch with you regarding my working. You ansye please also keep me informed. NabeelarslanFeb 8, Is that something you generated? CWTeebsMar 14, Hope you may get some useful data from here.


Also see other files at this link. NabeelarslanMar 14, Did you find a good way of transferring the pressure contour from aqwa into mechanical?

ANSYS ASAS Offshore : TDA Engineering

After a long period of model generation for aqwa itself due to a kind of cmplex hull shape i finally reached the point you got stuck a while ago. In order to avoid any difficulties asae that complex shape I went back to a simple box shape in order to prove the way.

After generating another model for ASAS using an mechanical macro and writing an.

Since I don”t have that my generated. Only the COG and Accel. The run of WAVE shows tutoria errors, but in in the. If you like I can also send you the dat file for checking Thanks for your help Best regards from Chennai Jannes.

JannesHApr 15, Do tell me whether it worked or not. NabeelarslanApr 21, Dear Nabeelarslan, Thank you very much for your reply. I did as you said as follows, by using WOrkbench Ansys Structural. I used the inbuild mesh function to with a max mesh size of 5m. I am facing following Erros: Are you usign workbench as well? JannesHApr 24, Dear Nabeelarslan, I figured out the problem of the FLA2 elements and their not existing material property.

I didn’t bother much about the boundary conditions while exporting the model since it was only about the geomtrie and tutoriql mesh. Well this is where I made a mistake.

ANSYS Aqwa Features

That’s why weak springs were automatically added by the software. Those were concerted into FLA2 Elements while using the anstoasas macro. I defined a fixed support to restrict motions and now those elements are not shown anymore. Do you mind telling me, how you inserted your results? JannesHApr 25, The problem which occured earlier was caused by the size of the box.


The reaction due to gravity were just several times bigger than due to hydrodynamic forces. So it was just out of sight. I still have problems with plotting only the SFE in Workbench. Well this is a minor thing. Now my vessel is floating well balanced in an acceleration filed under inertia relief option and reacts according to the hydrodynamic forces.

Main bahut kush hoon! If I decrease the time step of my calculated of my calculated frequencies, the solution seems increase. Maybe a problem with convergence.

JannesHMay 20, I will be really greatful to u if u can provide me some information about this software. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Kaarel Nov 6, Meshing imported Rhino surfaces in Femap NipperNov 29,in forum: Nipper Nov 29, Ship Meshes b1ck0Aug 7,in forum: Leo Lazauskas Jan 7, Mesh models as cad blocks?

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