Stefan Schwark is the author of Android Apps ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews ). Android Apps: Programming Step-by-step. Front Cover. Stefan Schwark. Elector int. media, – Bibliographic information. QR code for Android Apps. : Android Apps: programming step-by-step () by Stefan Schwark and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible.

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Free Webinar: Writing Android Apps, and Android for Beginners

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Likewise, new user applications – or apps for short – are released stefzn day that allow the phone or tablet to be personalized to match their owners’ preferences. The increasing speed and computing power of these portable devices now allow applications to be run that required a desktop PC or custom designed hardware only a few years ago. Meanwhile, any smartphone can determine your exact geographic position, shoot videos – and much more. When it comes to personalizing your smartphone you should not feel limited to off the shelf applications because creating your own apps and programming Android devices is easier than you think.

This book is an introduction to programming apps for Android devices. The operation of the Android system is explained in a step by step way, aiming to show how personal applications can be programmed.

Stefan Schwark (Author of Android Apps)

A wide variety of applications is presented based on a solid number of hands-on examples, covering anything from simple math programs, reading sensors and GPS data, right up to programming for advanced Internet applications.

Besides writing applications in the Java programming language, this book also explains how apps can be programmed using Javascript or PHP scripts. Do not waste your money and time on this book. By stafford I have been trying to work with this book for a couple of days now. This is not a book for someone who is just beginning with Android.

I have plenty of experience with Java so that is not an issue and I had no problems setting up the SDK to work with Eclipse.


This book assumes that you know things that it fails to cover in enough depth to explain how to accomplish the task you are trying to do. Although, I have not tried all the examples, out of frustration I copied and pasted all the files from the second example into the IDE and it fails to compile. For the tiny book that it is there appear to be many mistakes.

If you are looking for a beginning book that is worth your money, keep looking and pass on this one. Clear, concise with plenty of examples By Hurri This is an excellent introduction into programming apps for Android devices.

The book opens by giving background reading on the Android system, its architecture, fundamentals of Android program execution, and gives a very clear explanation of the software you’ll need to get up and running to make your first Android app, such as the Eclipse development environment, JDK and so forth.

You will start by producing the usual ‘hello world’ application, followed by a simple calculator app. From there you will learn how to read and write to files, and how to interact with various hardware components such as GPS and onboard sensors, right through to more advanced Internet-borne applications.

The content is very clear and simple to understand, and is packed with example code which I love. Furthermore the source code from the apps can be downloaded from the publishers website.

Excellent introduction and reference to android app stffan By Steven I found this book a great guide to the start of Android app development. It went through the set up required to write and run your first android application in schwwark very short time! This book was clear to understand with lots of illustrations and well documented code examples. It went from the basics of a very first application through to developing user interfaces and many other topics including GPS, widgets and media handling amongst others.

Since first reading it and after developing several applications on the Market I found this still served as a good reference book and source of other application ideas. Paperback pages Most helpful customer reviews 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.

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