Tokyo Ueno Ameyoko Official Homepage -. View the location of Ameyoko(Ameya-Yokochō) on a map! Find the address, how to get there and more in our map page. Get localized now!. See a Google Map of the Ameyayokocho (“Ameyoko”) area. Use the search box in the larger map to locate specific.

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While Ueno may be best known for its famous Ueno Cultural Park and incredible museumsUeno has its very own famous market street as well. Although only a short meters long, Ameyoko boasts around shops!

Ameyoko is full of great places to shop, fun things to look at, and the best part—amazing foods! This means that many will go to Ameyoko just to eat several different food items!

Seafood is definitely a must when it comes to Japanese cuisineand Minatoya is here to serve you some great food using only the freshest! Located on the side of Ameyoko closer to Okachimachi Station, Minatoya is the place to go for some good, cheap seafood bowls kaisen-don and some delicious gooey takoyakiwhich are doughy ball-shaped snacks with octopus inside! There are dozens of items on their menu and extra toppings for you to add to make your ideal seafood bowl!

Many of their items can also be served as a half-sized dish if you want to continue to eat on!

We tried their most popular dish, the Tokumori-don. This bowl has tuna, salmon, negitoro, squid, and salmon roe on top of white rice for just yen with the half-size being yen!

Takoyaki is commonly described in English simply as octopus balls. These takoyaki are made of a liquid-like dough which is cooked in a ball-shape with some octopus in the middle. The takoyaki at Minatoya is served with none of the usual sauce, katsuo flakes, seaweed, or mayonnaise on it.

Oh, and be sure to wait a few minutes before eating, as these are fresh and extra hot in the middle! While Japan is known for their expensive fruit, Hyakkaen New Fruit is a shop focused on providing you with the best fresh fruit products at a more reasonable price! Sticks of fruit are usually only or yen and absolutely delicious! The fresh cantaloupe we got was yen and the pineapple just yen, and just the perfect size for a small sweet snack to keep you going while exploring the streets of Ueno and Ameyoko!


We tried their strawberry milk and mikan mandarin orange juice! Depending on the drink, the way they make it can vary, but they all use whole fruit and blend or squeeze them when ordered.

Eating Your Way Through Ueno’s Ameyoko—Best Street Foods

They told us that something they have that ameyook of amfyoko stores in the area do is a slow juicer, which makes their juice simply better than the rest! A slow juicer allows the fruit to be juiced, as the name may suggest, slowly.

This allows very little friction so the fruit will stay cold and keep its original vitamins and enzymes, making it better for you than other juices that are made normally.

The effort and care that is used by Hyakkaen New Fruit really stood out, not only in how delicious their fruits and juice were, but also in how enthusiastic the employees were! The atmosphere at Tentenraku is definitely different than the others featured in this article, as it really felt like we were in China at one of their markets!

Ameyoko map Tokyo Ueno Ameyoko Official Homepage –

Here we tried one of their spicy mala hot pots, some fried dumplings, and a Chinese meat pie. They all tasted amazing and were just the perfect thing to warm up on a winter day! The staff of Tentenraku were very outgoing and were happy to recommend which dishes to try! Their mala hot pot was chock-full of delicious meat, veggies, and noodles and is definitely a must for those visiting on a colder day or those who love spicy foods!

Not only is it filling, but also cheap at only yen! Uncle Joe is another good place to try to satisfy your food cravings and keep you going while eating your way through Ameyoko. The menu at Uncle Joe features classic Korean street foods as well as bubble tea, fresh smoothies and juice! We saw the menu and knew immediately what we wanted to try: We also knew we just had to get a smoothie, and after taking some time to decide, we chose pineapple.


While it may not be the most Korean dish you can think of, the smoothie was delectable and definitely made with fresh pineapple—we could tell! The hotteok and tteokbokki were also delicious, fresh and piping hot!

Ameyoko | The Official Tokyo Guide

Who knew you could try some of these Korean street food favorites outside of Korea or Koreatown?! While Niku no Ohyama has a restaurant inside, we opted to try the to-go food at the front of their shop.

We tried their Ohyama Tokusei deluxe Menchi, which is a handmade breaded and fried ball of juicy ground meat and onion. And the best part? Everyone knows that tea is a must-try in Asia, and that matcha is a must-try while in Japan! Chano Kiminoen is here for you mpa do both of those things! Chano Kiminoen has many different Xmeyoko teas for you to buy as well as matcha ice cream that you can have right there! For just yen, you can get a matcha ice cream cone that will be the perfect dessert after enjoying all these foods in Ameyoko!

Tea and other items specially made to be given as gifts are available for purchase at Chano Kiminoen. Ameyoko is definitely full of things to discover, and you can see a lot even in a short visit here!

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Easy Day Trip from Tokyo! Numazuko Kaisho in Ueno: Minatoya Seafood bowls, Takoyaki. Hyakkaen New Fruit Fresh fruit, Fresh juice. Tentenraku Chinese Street Food. Fried dumplings 4 pieces for yen. Uncle Ameyook Korean Street Food.

Niku no Ohyama Ground meat cutlet, Croquette, and more! Menchikatsu Ground meat cutlet, yen. Recommended articles for first-time visitors to Tokyo. Recommended places for first-time visitors to Xmeyoko.