Golden Voyages (AD&D 2nd Ed Fantasy Roleplaying, Al Qadim Setting) [David Zeb Cook] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Golden. TSR (ALQ1) Golden Voyages Basic Information Author(s) David “Zeb” Cook detailing new monsters; a custom DM screen for use in all AL-QADIM games;. Golden Voyages is a special adventure set for player However, you should have a good idea of what is in characters using the AL-QADIMâ„¢ rulebook and is.

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To put it bluntly, you come here to discuss Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 1st and 2nd Editions. Please don’t ask for out of print items, as there are naturally copyright issues. Don’t spam or troll, naturally.

Golden Voyages Al-qadim Campaign Alq1 Ad&d TSR 9366

You know, the usual natural things that come with being a normal ADND player. Do enjoy your time here. Anyone ever run Al-Qadim: I’m a once-and-present 2nd Ed. DM and I’m thinking of taking my players on a trip to Zakhara.

Anyone ever run Al-Qadim: Golden Voyages? : adnd

Golden Voyages sounds really interesting, but I’m not sure what Voyaes levels it’s designed for. Anyone have any insight? I know it’s a sandbox-style “adventure”, so it might be hard to gauge. I ran a few ALQ campaigns.


Al Qadim Golden Voyages Boxed Set Sinbad RPG D&D TSR | #

I like the setting, and my players did as well. The boxed sets were structured such that each one covered a geographic area and a few elements of the campaign world; the idea was that you should buy everything in order to be able to play the “full” campaign.

This might account for its relative unpopularity, along with its blatant disregard for modern cultural sensitivities and warm embrace of Orientalist tropes. Golden Voyages was one qxdim the better episodic sets, set up as an adventure-of-the-week type of game, presuming the party wanted a sea-based or largely sea-based voysges.


You can very easily slide into other boxed sets from this one as well, as well as packing it full of your own adventures and islands and encounters. Some of the adventures included aren’t that great, so of course nix what won’t fit. Like most of the setting, role playing and completion of story arcs will be more rewarding than actual treasure or power gained.

It’s a heavy sociopolitical world, but Golden Voyages is one of the adventure arcs which is less dependent ap status and associations. I also recommend Caravans for a low-level party just starting out in the campaign and Ruined Kingdoms for more powerful parties who want to be neck-deep in lore and enemies.


I forgot to answer your main question. If they are foreigners, they’re going to have a tougher time.

But it’s a very open-ended adventure, so they may stumble into something beyond their abilities and either die or run away. Again, this adventure is best with a lot of DM-added material to help keep things on an even keel, as it were. This is very much within the scope of our campaign so far, so I’m perfectly comfortable with this. Lots of players nowadays think their characters are special snowflakes who should never face any challenge they can’t overcome in short order.

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