Adolescence. Ian McMahan, Brooklyn College. © |Pearson | Available. MyLab. Share this page. Adolescence. View larger. Adolescence, Canadian Edition, by Ian McMahan and Susan Thompson, combines rigorous, scientific coverage of adolescent development. McMahan, Adolescence, is supported by MyDevelopmentKit, your key to greater success in the adolescent development course.

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Looking for technical support for adolescsnce Pearson course materials? Sign in to the Instructor Resource Centre. Instructor Resource Centre File Download close. You can preview this product in two ways: View online at VitalSource. Updating your exam copy bookbag…. Adolescence, Canadian Editionby Ian McMahan and Susan Thompson, combines rigorous, scientific coverage of adolescent development research with a scholarly yet enjoyable narrative style that is rarely found in textbooks.


Adolescence / Ian McMahan. – Version details – Trove

The table of contents follows an ecological systems framework to show how individual teens both affect and are affected by their families, peers, schools, and society. Adolescence also employs unique pedagogy to ensure students practise active learning and deep processing, focus on the practical applications of what they are studying, think critically and become educated consumers of the research.

Adolsscence overarching themes are explored throughout this text: Adolescent development involves individual, social and cultural systems.

Positive adolescent development is the norm, though the media and research frequently concentrate on adolescent problems. Material on emerging adulthood looks beyond adolescence to discuss current concerns of students in the class.

Teaching and Learning Experience This program will provide a better teaching and learning experience—for you and your students. These tools, along with in-text features, encourage students to apply the content to their personal and future professional lives. Each chapter contains new Canadian-focused research and discussions specific to adolescence in Canada.

This engaging website lets you apply the key concepts that you ado,escence learning in your adolescent development class. Students take a personality test at the beginning of the program, the results of which will have an impact on the temperament of their child or simulated future selves.

Observational videos are included throughout the program to help illustrate key concepts. Critical thinking questions within the program help students apply what they are learning about in class and in their textbook to their own virtual person. These questions can be assigned or used as the basis for in-class discussion.


Explore further at www. Students can better grasp the organization of the material and verify that they understand the adolesscence ideas before moving on.

Students do not need to interrupt their reading to look up, or to guess the meaning of, terms whose significance is not mcmaahan to them. Students come to see adolescents as active participants in their own development. Students begin to think of adolescence less as a problem and more as an opportunity.

Adolfscence unique Chapter Through active learning and deep processing, students gain increased retention and understanding of material. Adolescence in Theory and Research, presents the ideas that have most influenced research on adolescence, describes the techniques that are used to gather empirical information about adolescents, and explores ways to understand and critically evaluate research findings.

Students get acquainted with the process of adolescent research and come to see information in the context of how it was gathered. Students begin to think of course material in terms of its real-life implications for action. Together with MyTest adolescencee, the Test Item File helps ensure all text topics are covered, and takes the measure of student understanding to the next level.

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Puberty and Physical Development -World Health Organization growth chart for children adapted for Canada -Height Chart data now represents Canadian boys and girls -Secular trend for menarche for Canadian girls, including variance in age of menarche for girls in different provinces -School-based sexual health adolescnece in Canada are discussed, with regards to teens learning about puberty -A description of First Nations historical puberty rites is included -Research by Tremblay and Lariviere on Canadian teens and body image is highlighted -Other Canadian research showing levels of body dissatisfaction in preteens and teens is included, along with research examining factors related to this dissatisfaction -Body image in Aboriginal teens is discussed -The amount of sleep that Canadian teens need, and are actually getting is presented, along with data about exercise and nutrition -Obesity rates for Canadian teens are given, and compared to adolesccence US Chapter 3: Cognitive Changes -IQ scores of Aboriginal children and teens in Canada are examined, and some hypotheses presented as to the source of the discrepancy between scores of Aboriginal children, and children of the majority cultures -Research on Self-Regulated Learning and its application to the Canadian classroom is presented Chapter 4: Families -A description of the types of families found in Canada, including ethnocultural differences -Ethnocultural differences in parenting practices in Canada are adolescenc, including Aboriginal parenting -A Canadian longitudinal study of parental monitoring and disclosure is highlighted -A program designed to support Canadian parents is described -Canadian research on attachment and bullying is highlighted -Canadian divorce statistics are given, as is statistics on family diversity in Canada and updated research on the effects of divorce on Canadian teens -Research on the household division of labour in Canadian couples is included Chapter 5: Identity -Updated research about the impact of low self-esteem in included, with special reference to homeless youth in Toronto and New York -Ethnocultural identity in the Canadian context is discussed -Benefits of ethnocultural identity for Aboriginal youth in Canada is presented, along with ideas for the promotion of ethnocultural identity among these youth -New research adolescwnce UBC on the moral development of infants is included Chapter Challenges -Patterns of delinquency and criminal behaviour for Canadian teens are discussed -Delinquent behaviour and crime statistics for youth in Canada are presented -Bias in the juvenile justice system is discussed, with a particular focus on Aboriginal teens and the reasons for their high level of incarceration in youth detention facilities -The link between poverty and crime in a Canadian context is examined -New Canadian research on cortisol levels and behaviour problems is presented -New findings regarding parental monitoring sdolescence problem behaviour in Canadian teens is included -Youth gang activity in Canada is described -Drug use among Canadian teens is examined, including provincial statistics -Canadian research concerning the portrayal of smoking in movies and its impact on teens is highlighted -Rates of eating disorders in Canada are presented -New research on rumination is added, along with rates of depression for Canadian teens Chapter Positive Prospects -A discussion of Canadian research about leisure activities and stress coping styles is included, as is Canadian research about coping style flexibility, and gender and coping -Canadian research on resilience in Aboriginal teens using photos and video is included -New Canadian findings regarding volunteering and physical health in teens has been added -Updated and Canadian research on extracurricular activities and engagement has also been added -Student engagement in the Northwest Territories is discussed -School based programs adolexcence ease transitions for Aboriginal students from band-based elementary schools to local high schools are presented -Youth participation in elections in Canada is discussed -The Free the Children charity is highlighted.


Puberty and Physical Development 3. School and Work 7. Adolescent Challenges and Prospects His doctoral dissertation won the James McKeen Cattell Prize, and his research papers have appeared in prestigious journals. Ian has also had an active writing career. Her research interests include sports psychology, the influence of peers on the development of eating disorders, body image and sport involvement, as well as sociometric status in childhood.

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