La lesión contiene una cantidad considerable de queratina, incremento en la actividad mitótica, hipecromatismo, núcleos alongados. Existen. donde se descubre, a nivel del surco balano-prepucial un pequeño papiloma. circunvecinos por firmes adherencias que lo hacen absolutamente inmóvil. an earlier age had balano-prepucial adhesions again, which demonstrates that eran más pequeños, tenían nuevamente adherencias balanoprepuciales en.

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Enclavado endomedular en fracturas del tercio distal de la tibia. Describir los resultados obtenidos con el enclavado endomedular acerrojado en pacientes con fractura del tercio distal de la tibia. Se incluyeron pacientes con fracturas desplazadas del tercio distal de la tibia, tratadas con clavo endomedular. La muestra incluyo 35 pacientes.

El tiempo de seguimiento posoperatorio fue de Se evaluaron el tiempo de consolidacion, la consolidacion viciosa y las complicaciones. Los resultados funcionales se determinaro Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

La edad promedio fue de Tras el seguimiento, todos nuestros pacientes lograron una cobertura completa y estable en el tiempo. El periodismo en el primer tercio del siglo XX. Full Text Available A study on the evolution of the press from the late 19th century to the beginning of balanoprfpucial Spanish Civil War. Dentro de estas, son las que afectan al maxilar superior y al malar las de mayor incidencia.

Se pueden presentar en forma combinada con otro tipo de fractura facial. Tienen una mayor incidencia en el Antonio Zambrana Lara, docente y pintor. Managing of Panfacial and midface trauma requires not only basic knowledge of osteosintesis principles; an order of treatment should be developed by surgeon before surgery and it must be made for each patient.

In this article we report the methodology of reduction, fixation and treatment planning of panfacial and midface trauma in our hospital.

We analyse facial trauma treated by our department.

La fuerza de la palabra. This is not so presently.

PPT – Androlog PowerPoint presentation | free to download – id: 5cf-ZDkwO

This article proposes a critical review of the most recent historiography. It also offers a new interpretation which presents Autonomism as a moderate nationalist trend, as well as a basic political structure which played a stabilizing role of the Colonial system that emerged after the Zanjon Peace.

Ocio y deporte en el nacimiento de la sociedad de masas. Full Text Available Though women writing was presenting in the England of the first third of century XIX a considerable development and a maturity, the certain thing is balanoprepuical the list of British novelists whose works arrive at that same time at our country is limited enough.

All these texts —translated into Spanish in the same dates, the second and adhfrencia third decades of the century— are framed inside popular genres, with great presence of didactism and sentimentalism, elements derived from the adventures of adherenia heroic narrative and ingredients of Gothic romances.

Its presence in the Spanish literary panorama of the first third of Adherenciz. Century reveals the publishing demands of a new public, more and balanorpepucial bourgeois and feminine, eager to consume the readings that entertained the European middle-class of his time and to have access to women writing, as much in the didactic and sentimental field like in the Gothic novel. Este trabajo se centra fundamentalmente en las escasas traducciones de. Anatomical study and clinical series.

Todos los pacientes recuperaron el contorno auricular, obteniendo los mejores baoanoprepucial en aquellos en los que se aplicaron los refinamientos descritos. This article collects a good number of Catalan publications with a erotic topic that came out clandestinely during the 19th and early 20th centuries. De charles Maurras a Georges Valois.

Full Text Available The present paper tries to study adheencia of the basic rudiments that contributed to the change of paradigm about mental deficiency produced in the first decades of the XX th century. Taking as main sources the Binet and Simon’s contributions from France, and the Sante de Sanctis’ from Italy, balano;repucial analysed the construction of the category “abnormal childhood”, relating it to the new and privileged space of observation that supposed the Obligatory School.

It concludes with a reflection about the fallacious use of the “intelligence” as “prejudice” in order to establish social taxonomies and meritocracies that they don’t make but to justify the human inequality. El continuo adheeencia con infieles: The subject matter is the renegadoes, a small group of criollos, mestizos, black men and mulattoes, voluntarily settled among the indigenous groups of the central-west region of the pampas.


Received with flexibility by the latter, who incorporated them into their lives and projects, the renegadoes were seen as absolute traitors by the colonial administration since, after abandoning the Christian god and king, they dedicated themselves to helping the unfaithful becoming irredeemable and dangerous beings. A series of diacritics, that revealed their unique transcultural condition, contributed to increase bakanoprepucial risk exposure implied by their activities as spies and scouts baqueanos, facilitating their identification and punishment and also granting them a documentary visibility that allows us to think about the cultural miscegenation context in which their presence became significant.

PATOLOGIA BENIGNA DE PENE by andrea peña on Prezi

Mid-facial translocation, which involves mobilization of the central facial skeletal structures together with soft tissue pedicles, provides generous access to the anterior and central regions of the skull base. One of the drawbacks of this approach in children is skeletal fixation with titanium osteosynthesis plates and screws, which may affect the growth of developing bone.

Consequently, a second intervention is required to remove titanium osteosynthesis material, which increases the. Colgajo de avance en V-Y de gastrocnemio medial basado en perforante para cierre de defectos del tercio medio de la pierna V-Y advancement gastrocnemius perforant based flap for closure of defects of the medial third of the leg.

Full Text Available Los colgajos de avance en V-Y han sido una alternativa popular para el cierre de heridas profundas, pero su movilidad es limitada. Evaluamos en forma retrospectiva 5 pacientes con heridas en el tercio medio y superior de la pierna, tratados entre enero de y septiembre de en un solo centro y por un mismo cirujano.

En todos los casos, encontramos los vasos perforantes identificados en el preoperatorio; el tiempo operatorio promedio fue de 1. No hubo complicaciones; la cobertura fue exitosa en todos los casos y los pacientes se mostraron satisfechos en la encuesta realizada. El tiempo medio de seguimiento postoperatorio fue de 19 meses.

Advancement V-Y flaps have been a popular choice for closure of deep wounds but their mobility is limited. Perforant based flaps are specially useful when greater advancement and bigger coverage are needed. We designed a gastrocnemius based flap that uses both techniques for covering the defects of the medial third of the leg.

We follow a retrospective evaluation of 5 patients that had their wounds in the medial and superior third of the leg. Fractura de radio distal: Doce fracturas eran de tipo A; 7, de tipo B y 5, de tipo C. El puntaje en la escala DASH fue, en promedio, de 4,8.

Adherencai wounds to the maxillofacial region are a challenging problem adhherencia the surgeon responsible bakanoprepucial reconstruction.

The essential difference with respect to other injuries is the severity of the lesion and soft and hard tissue loss. Extensive literature exists on facial reconstruction following tumor extirpation, but there are few reports on the use of local adherecia and free tissue transfer for the post-traumatic reconstruction of high-energy defects and therapeutic algorithms for post-traumatic reconstruction.

The authors report the case of a patient with reconstruction of the lower third of the face after a suicide attempt and review the principles of treatment of these patients. El conocimiento de las principales causas de muerte hace un siglo, principalmente la atribuida a enfermedades no trasmisibles, puede resultar bastante ilustrativo.

Full Text Available Fundamento: Se analizan tres aspectos: Son muy importantes las defunciones por causas circulatorias, sobre todo entre los hombres mayores de In Murcia, as in the rest of Spain, this was a period of cultural and scientific excellence manifested, among other things, by the publication of many medical journals with the aim of disseminating the most relevant scientific production, the national as well as the foreign one.

The atmosphere of social unrest that preceded the military uprising of and the war that followed it truncated the development of these publications adherencja the careers of the professionals that promoted them.

To assess the prevalence of Human Papillomavirus HPV Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA, and aadherencia clinical and subclinical condilomatosis in men whose sex partners had been diagnosed with. Felipe II y la conquista de reliquias por los Tercios de Flandes: Full Text Available The patrimonial principles and the exaggerated religious beliefs of Phillip II of Spain, placed in the complex foreign affairs of the 16th century, led to the presence of the castilian troops in many european battlefields.


Phillip II had to cope with a raising international hostility, not only due to strategic reasons adnerencia also to his clear imperialist ideas. The Spanish Tercios balajoprepucial, and specially the Duke of Alba, developed military purposes but they were also finders and guardians of the numerous relics from the northern european territories.

Cuantificamos en orina muestras de 24 horas: Estas muestras se cuantificaron al llegar el paciente, a las 72 horas y a las 24 horas del posoperatorio inmediato. The results of the endocrine and metabolic behaviour in 40 patient with fractures of the medial facial third: Chloride, sodium, potassium, urea, and creatinine were cuantified in urine hour samples; chlorine, sodium, and potassium in blood ionogram; glucose, calcium, phosphorus, adnerencia, creatinine, and differential blood count in blood chemistry.

These samples were taken 72 hours and 24 hours after the immediate postoperative.

Androlog – PowerPoint PPT Presentation

All the patients studied mantained the endocrine and metabolic stability except those with Leford I, II and III, who in the last sample taken presented alterations of sodium and potassium in the urine and blood ionogram. El seguimiento tuvo una mediana de 12 meses Mental health and bqlanoprepucial education: The fact that some child had difficulties in accepting educational rules or getting adapted to them lead to their medicalization and to set off an assistive technology that, under different titles like medico-pedagogy, therapeutic education, orthophrenic pedagogy, delineated a field of action shared by physicians bbalanoprepucial pedagogues.

The paper will analyze the importance and success of this orthophrenic adherebcia within the framework of the Spanish science, society and culture during the first decades of the XXth balanoprepufial. Authors will draw special attention not only to discourses held by experts in order to justify their intervention but also to professional interests and scientific practices carried out by ba,anoprepucial. Over a century ago, Gowers described two young patients in whom distal muscles weakness involved the hand, foot, sternocleidomastoid, and facial muscles in the other case the shoulder and distal leg musculature.

Soon after,similar distal myopathy cases were reported whereby the absence of sensory symptoms and of pathologic changes in the peripheral nerves and spinal cord at baanoprepucial examination allowed differentiation from Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. InWelander described autosomal dominant AD distal arm myopathy in a large Scandanavian cohort.

Since then the number of well-characterized distal myopathies has continued to grow such that the distal myopathies have formed a clinically and genetically heterogeneous group of disorders. Adherencla kindred commonly manifest weakness that is limited to foot and toe muscles even balanopepucial advanced stages of the disease, with variable mild proximal leg, distal arm, neck and laryngeal muscle involvement in selected individuals. An interesting consequence of the molecular characterization of the distal myopathies has been the recognition that mutation in a single gene can lead to more than one clinical disorder.

For example, Myoshi myopathy MM and limb girdle muscular dystrophy LGMD type 2B are allelic disorders due to defects in the gene that encodes dysferlin. The six well described distal myopathy syndromes are shown in Table 1. Table 2 lists advances in our understanding of the myofibrillar myopathy group and Table 3 includes more recently delineated and less common distal myopathies. In the same manner, the first section of this review pertains to the more traditional six distal myopathies followed by discussion of the myofibrillar myopathies.

In the third adherenciq, we review other clinically and genetically distinctive distal myopathy syndromes usually based upon single or smaller family cohorts. The fourth section considers other neuromuscular disorders that are important to recognize as they display prominent. Intraneural topography of the deep branch of the ulnar nerve in adherencua distal forearm: Full Text Available Objetivo: La distancia pisiforme-RCD fue de 63mm In 15 cadaveric forearms the ulnar neurovascular bundle was identified and attached to the subjacent muscles every one centimeter.

Pisiform bone was used as reference.