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Shell is supporting Myanmar turn its energy potential into reality by bringing international expertise and world-class technology to projects in exploration and natural gas — the cleanest fossil fuel.

We are also working with our partners to boost the distribution of our leading lubricant products and are supplying oil products and bitumen. Shell holds equity interest in 4 offshore blocks in Myanmar. This acreage offers a frontier exploration opportunity to apply the advanced deep-water technical capabilities we have built up around the world over the past three decades.

In accordance with Shell standards, international best practices and recently enacted Myanmar legislation, Shell undertook social and schadesnmeldung impact assessments, named Initial Environmental Examinations IEEsin preparation for the activities associated with oil and gas exploration surveys in offshore Blocks A-4 and AD The IEEs were informed by public consultations in the coastal areas adjacent to the Sdhadensmeldung.

AD02 and A4 English. The sites will be owned and operated by Max Energy Myanmar. The aim is to achieve schadensmeldun nationwide rollout of Shell branded retail sites in the next three years. These sites will adhere to the highest standards in service, quality fuels and schadensmeldumg of the Shell brand. Read the press release in English. Read the press release in Burmese. Shell Lubricants brings world-class technological insights to its products, offering our customers the best lubricant solutions for their applications — from road cars and heavy-duty trucks to manufacturing machinery, construction vehicles and more.

Our lubricant products work to clean and protect the engine, help to prolong equipment life, improve performance and schadensmepdung to better fuel efficiency. Visit the Shell engine oils and lubricants.

Shell Bitumen is one of the world’s leading suppliers of bitumen and asphalt solutions, with over 1, customers across 28 countries. We supply enough bitumen to resurface lane kilometres of road every day; that’s enough road to travel around the world four times in one year; or one lane-kilometre of road every four minutes. The schadesmeldung design was overseen by Shell Bitumen technical experts and used bitumen sourced from Shell’s facility in Pulau Bukom, Singapore.

Visit the Global Bitumen website. We help meet the energy needs of Myanmar by supplying oil products through our partners. Visit the Shell Trading and Supply site. Investing in communities where we operate — called social investment — is an aeac part of being a good neighbor. We invest in projects that aim to benefit local communities over the long term. Our social investment programme in Myanmar focuses on the formulaf topics:.

Together with our NGO partner Pact, we have expanded electricity access to rural and coastal communities in the dry zone and Tanintharyi region by building up community governance structures, consumer finance mechanisms and providing technical support. The programme has provided access to sustainable energy for around 20, people and has improved the livelihoods of around 35, people since the start of the programme in Watch how access to sustainable energy changes lives in Myanmar.


Read about our efforts to help increase energy access. Shell staff and contractors drive around 1. We help keep our drivers safe through training programmes, by limiting their journeys, and by enforcing our global road safety standards. We also work with communities and global partners to improve road safety in the countries where we operate.

Shell has programmes in place to support and encourage the building of new businesses and generate local employment. To support value chain strengthening, the programme also aims to improve irrigation practices and market linkages. The PhD scholarship programme started in and supports two Myanmar students. Read more about Shell’s global Social Investment programmes. Read the press release in English Read the press release in Burmese.

Oil derrick, pan down, surrounded by other derricks. Construction workers handling metal tube component then winching it up to be received by construction worker above them.

Construction worker inserts part into base part aided by another worker. Close up of parts in action. Close up of male worker in hard hat.

Hafenfest (31.05. – 02.06.2019)

Close up of metal chain unwinding from part it is wrapped around. Close up of part being raised up with worker in background winching it up. Pan down of multiple tubular parts. Moving yellow machinery part. Pipe goes down into ocean. Wide of two standing men shaking hands in marble foyer. Medium of two seated men shaking hands, one facing to camera.

Close up of hand shake, pink varnished nails on one hand. Exterior shot schasensmeldung Shell flag blowing in the wind against blue sky.

Female teacher, smiling, seated at table with children. Shell workers dressed in blue presenting to community members at an event. Exterior footage of wide of child with adult looking at laptop in front of a cloudy sunset. Wide shot Mighty Servant carrying deepwater exploration equipment. Wide deepwater equipment freestanding in ocean. Close up of yellow ofrmular standing in ocean.

Aerial of deepwater exploration block. Medium of three people wearing hard hats and hi-vis jackets. Close up of male worker in green hard hat pulling up chain, with hook dangling in front of his face.

Overhead shot of group of workers in blue overalls.

Sturmschaden melden | Versicherungskammer Bayern

Rear shot of workers in orange overalls walking across bridge with formulat in blue overalls crossing bridge towards camera. Aerial of construction cranes. Night-time formhlar of cranes. Close up of ocean water. Time lapse of rotating part schadensmeldunb into line animation. Close up of rows of glass jars. Medium of two female lab workers with laboratory equipment. Close up of female lab workers wearing safety glasses and inspecting jar filled with amber-coloured liquid.


Close up of hand in blue latex glove placing something on weighing machine. Medium of three lab workers in red overalls; one is inspecting a tube filled with amber schadensmwldung liquid.

Brightly-coloured thermal map on big screen, woman presenter wearing pink shirt to right of screen. Close up left profile of woman in pink shirt talking and gesticulating.

View from rear of presentation theatre: Close up of smiling woman watching the animation; she is wearing 3D goggles and the animation is reflected in the lenses. Close up of screen showing red image, with chart showing three yellow vertical bars to left.

Close up of man in white tee wearing glasses and headset looking intently at a screen. Darkened close up of vapour being condensed into a liquid state. Gradual pan to left of external pipework on tanker. Floating LNG facility with dome structures. Aerial shot of Prelude with land in background, zoom in. Close up of cog. Close up of technician examining part with aid of torch. Overhead view of liquid being poured into container; zoom in.

Close up of hand using implement to spread lubricant on round metal object. Close up of lubricant.

Close up of machine cog with lubricant passing through it. Close up of machine part lowering and lubricant spreading out. Shell team and partners shaking hands and applauding, Shell partners walking through conference room with camera flashing.

Shell representative shakes hands and exchanges documents with partner schadensmeldubg.

Programm – Stadt Bergkamen

They both turn schadensemldung face camera. Find out about our business, people and how we are working to power progress together with more and cleaner energy solutions. Shell has a long history of developing energy projects using its knowledge, experience and proven deep-water technologies to unlock new resources safely and efficiently.

schadensmeludng How we use human ingenuity, innovation and technology to unlock more, cleaner energy for the decades ahead. We are committed to delivering energy responsibly and safely, preventing harm to our employees, contractors, local communities and the environment.

Impact Assessments In accordance with Shell standards, international best practices and recently enacted Myanmar legislation, Shell undertook social and environmental impact assessments, named Initial Environmental Examinations IEEsin preparation for the activities associated with oil and gas exploration surveys in offshore Blocks A-4 and AD The full reports and executive summaries of the IEEs are available at the links below.

Our social investment programme in Myanmar focuses on the following topics: Watch how access to sustainable energy changes lives in Myanmar Read about our efforts to help increase energy access Road Safety Shell staff and contractors drive around 1. News and Press releases.