to reading the User’s Manual. Please read the Accutrend. Plus User’s Manual carefully before using the meter for the first time. The Accutrend Plus meter is used. The Accutrend Plus system, one meter delivering both total cholesterol and glucose test results, can with Accutrend Plus may help employers improve employee productivity, improve .. 15 Cholestech LDX System User Manual. Inverness. View and Download Cobas Accutrend Plus user manual online. Accutrend Plus Blood Glucose Meter pdf manual download.

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Installation, use and maintenance of the Accutrend Plus instrument is the full responsibility of the user. The packaging material, the identification plate of the instrument and the manual may contain the following symbols or abbreviations which are listed below with their meaning: Consult instructions for use.

Caution, consult accompanying documents. Refer to safety-related notes in the instruc- tions for use accompanying this product. The Accutrend Plus instrument is used for quantitative measurement of two blood parameters: The reflectance photometric measurement is performed using test strips specific for each of these blood parameters. Contents Instrument settings Brief overview of the instrument settings Contents Quality control recommendation Preparing to perform a control test Contents Product specifications Operating conditions and technical data Introduction The Accutrend Plus instrument The Accutrend Plus instrument is used for quantitative measurement of 2 blood parameters: The instrument is suitable for professional use as well as for self-testing.

Introduction Test principle By means of a code strip, the instrument reads the lot-specific characteristics of the test strips currently in use. This information is stored and must therefore only be read once per test strip container. To run a test, an unused test strip is taken from the container and inserted into the instrument.

Safety information Protection against infection There is a potential risk of infection. Medical staff and other persons using the Accutrend Plus instrument to perform measurements for more than one patient must be aware that any object coming into contact with human blood is a potential source of infection.

Introduction Operating conditions To ensure proper function of your Accutrend Plus instrument, observe the following guidelines: Introduction Integrated control functions The Accutrend Plus instrument has numerous integrated or available control functions, including the following: About this manual About this manual Page layout The page layout of this manual enables you to easily locate the most important information. Where illustrations are used, they always appear on the left side with the accompanying explanation on the right.

All instructions which require you to perform an action, in addition to very important information, appear on a colored background.

About this manual Example acxutrend an instruction: The left column contains an illustration of the The right column states what you should do at this instrument. About this manual Example of a display screen: This column contains the illustration of a display This column contains information relating to the screen.


Every time the instrument is powered on, you can check the display. The instrument temporarily shows all symbols that may appear in the display. The Accutrend Plus instrument Mabual Test strip guide Accutrehd measurement results, information, Insert the test strip here.


Set button M button memory By pressing this button, you access the various By pressing this button, you can retrieve all Measurement chamber cover with test strip guide You can remove this cover to clean the test strip guide and optics cover. The Accutrend Plus instrument Display and accutrehd Every time the instrument is powered on, you should check the display.

Regularly check that all display elements are functioning correctly to prevent misinterpretations due to a defective display. The Accutrend Plus instrument Power To save power, the instrument powers itself off after 2 minutes unless a button is pressed or a new test strip is inserted.

When the instrument turns itself accuteend, all test results obtained so far remain in the memory. With a set of fresh batteries, you will normally be able to perform approximately 1, measurements.

Operating plys instrument Operating the instrument Before using the instrument for the first time, perform the following steps: Set date, time and beeper. Insert code strip can also be done directly before performing the measurement.

Operating the instrument Ensure the instrument is switched off and turn acuctrend over. Open the battery compartment by slightly pressing the tab towards the center of the instrument. Lift the lid upwards to remove it from the instrument.

Insert four batteries into the compartment according to the illustrations. Operating the plu Replace and close the battery compartment lid. Power the instrument on to test the function of the new batteries. Check that the display functions correctly by comparing it to the diagram on the left to prevent misinterpretations due to defective display elements. Operating the instrument Instrument settings Brief overview of the instrument settings The following table provides an overview of the available settings.

Instrument settings General procedure for setting up the instrument set mode You make all settings using the Set and M buttons as described below. The instrument must be powered off before you can activate the set mode. Press the Set button on the left side of the instrument to power the instrument on in set mode.

Instrument settings The date and time as well as the set symbol now appear on the display. If the meter display reads dEL Instrument settings If the displayed setting is correct e. Press the M button to change the currently flashing setting. Instrument settings Press the Set button again to save the current setting and go to the next setting. You can accutremd move forward through the settings.

Moving backwards is not possible. Corrections can only be made by repeating the settings. Instrument settings Setting the date format In the first step, you set the date format the entire date flashes. Instrument settings Setting the manial With the next three settings, you first enter the year, then the month and finally the day.

Press the M button to mahual the currently flashing figure and to set the current year. Press the Set button to save the displayed year. Amnual display then automatically switches to the mode for setting the current month.

Instrument settings The default month flashes. Press the M button until the desired month is displayed. Press the Set button to save the setting. The display then automatically switches to the mode for setting the current day.


Instrument settings The default day flashes. Press the M button until the desired day is displayed. Press the Set button to save the selected setting and to continue setting the time accutrebd.

The display then automatically switches to the mode for setting the time format. Instrument settings Setting the time format Now select the time format to be used: Press the M button to switch between the 24h and 12h displays.

Instrument settings Setting the time First enter the current hour and then the minutes. Press the M button to change the currently flashing figure.

The next time the Set button is pressed, the minutes can be set again with the Olus button. We recommend that you always leave the beeper enabled. If the beeper is enabled, you will hear a beep in the following situations: When the instrument detects that the test strip is inserted.

Performing olus measurement Performing a measurement What you need: Performing a measurement Brief overview of the steps to be carried out Code the instrument once Insert the test strip Apply blood per test strip lot. Performing a measurement Start measurement by closing the Display of measurement results measurement chamber flap Performing a measurement Important notes Always … operate the instrument at the acceptable test-specific temperatures see also the test strip inserts: Supplied with each test strip container.

B Application area Code strip bottom side Apply the sample here. The imprinted barcode contains lot-specific information which is read and stored in the instru- C Test strip bottom side. Performing a measurement Code strips The code strip provides the instrument with important majual on the specific properties of plis respective accutrwnd strip.

Cobas Accutrend Plus User Manual

The code strip is required at least when a new test strip container is opened and before the strips are used. The properties of these test strips are then stored in the instrument.

Avcutrend a measurement Switching on the instrument Place the instrument on a level surface or hold it in your hand. Performing a measurement Check that the whole display is functioning correctly to prevent misinterpretations due to defective display elements. Also always check the battery condition after the display test. When the battery symbol is shown with a measurement screen except during the accutrrend testyou will only be able to perform a few more measurements.

Performing a measurement Inserting the code strip Hold the code strip with acuctrend and index finger in the white area located at the end of the strip.

Do not touch the accutredn area on either side. Insert the code strip smoothly into the test strip guide up to the stop in the direction of the printed arrows. Performing a measurement The three-digit code number which is also printed on the reverse side of the code strip and on the test strip container is shown in the display. If any problems occur during coding, the meter displays an error message see Error Messages chapter of this manual.

Performing a measurement Switching the code display You can switch between the display of the stored code numbers for information purposes.