: A Constellation of Vital Phenomena: A Novel (): Anthony Marra: Books. : A Constellation of Vital Phenomena: A Novel (Audible Audio Edition): Anthony Marra, Colette Whitaker, Random House Audio: Books. by Anthony Marra (Hogarth) A Constellation of Vital Phenomena Marra is a brisk and able storyteller, and he moves deftly between a.

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A sister flees to Clnstellation and is forced into prostitution and drug addiction. Please try again later. It takes place in post-war Chechnya, but don’t be alarmed if you don’t know much about the Chechen conflict with Russia — the rich storytelling and the gorgeous prose will draw you in, and constellstion the end of the book you could captivate an audience with these wartime stories.

He had led the girl to the middle bg the street before he raised his eyes anthnoy what had been her house. This is a novel whose plotting and gracefulness I admired so much that as soon as I had finished it, I immediately wanted to start over and read it again.

There are many reasons to read A Constellation of Vital Phenomena …. The surgeon, who assumes she has cauterized her affections, spars with Akhmed in a way that tempts ajthony to anticipate some romantic engagement, maybe even a little happiness. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. Marra conjures fragile and heartfelt characters whose fates interrogate the very underpinnings of love and sacrifice.

Still, this is not a story that I can say I enjoyed, although it always pulled me back to it until my heart became too heavy once again, and I was forced to put it down for a time. In the final days of Decemberin a small rural village in Chechnya, eight-year-old Havaa hides in the woods when her father is abducted by Russian forces. Feb 14, Steve rated it really liked it.


He hides her with a frustrated Russian Doctor named Sonja. It is beyond impressive. There were so many levels of understanding, so many multi directional paths that were taken that one needed full concentration of the task of reading a novel that was so well constructed anyhony made the reader an integral part of the story.

Every single person showing up abthony this book is just that – a fully fleshed out person. But those thugs will be back, fulfilling a new order to murder the family members of anyone suspected of sympathizing with rebel forces.

The author states he chose to write about this area after hearing about the death of journalist Anna Polikovskaya from her reporting she did from Chechnya. But those are small things. I cannot wait to see what Anthony Marra creates next!

View all 46 comments. My heart was simply ripped out.

A Constellation of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra, review

I enjoyed it most of the time –yet thought it was somewhat fragmented–leaving me with too vita, unsatisfying questions about the characters. They were all strong, imperfect human beings who did different things to survive without losing their souls to the madness of the daily events. An extension of that point is the flash forwards with all the random characters.

We wear clothes and speak, and create civilizations, and believe we are more than wolves. Marra is a fabulous storyteller. The quiet of the house followed him into the woods. The history of ethnic strife in Chechnya is long and confusing.

A Constellation of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra

But then it all started coming phebomena, and — wow oh wow. This was not an easy story to read. If you read as much as I do or even if you don’tyou’re bound to come across a book that is hailed by literary critics and readers as one of the greatest things ever, but no matter how much you try and read it and are determined to love it, it just doesn’t click for you. See all 12 questions about A Constellation of Vital Phenomena….


The Battle for Chechnya, New Edition by Sebastian Smith for giving him much of the background he needed to imagine this place, in this time, a ten—year period between and About A Constellation of Vital Phenomena New York Times Notable Book of the Year In vktal small rural village in Chechnya, eight-year-old Havaa watches from the woods as Russian soldiers abduct her father in the middle of the night and then set abthony to her home.

Thank you to my local library and the Traveling Sisters Reading Group here on goodreads who read this brilliant novel with me. I am in awe; Anthony Marra has a rare gift with words. A Constellation of Vital Phenomena. Today’s prompt is the twenty-first, discuss a book you expected to hate but ended up loving.

Here’s an early conversation between Akhmed and Sonja:. Over five days in a small town in Chechnya, the fates of several people — including two very different physicians one brilliant, the other hopelessa precocious eight-year-old orphan, an ethnic Russian involved in sex trafficking, a Chechen informer and his proud father, a historian who defended his country all over Europe — become intertwined.

Now, there is always a matter of taste when it comes to appreciating or otherwise a given writer’s work. View all 27 comments. The fact that I debated my own feelings about it meant that he made me think, which I should count as a good thing.

It is that stellar. The engrossing vita was heartbreaking, uplifting, sad, and confirmed the best in people in terrible situations. They were just a bit too standard quirky, a bit too effortlessly loveable.