3DQuickPress® is a SOLIDWORKS® add-on for progressive die design. With a 3D solid model of the part, a 3D strip can be created quickly and easily, and also . SW Tutorial 3d quick mold download Tools, this means that some functions may not work as expected. 3dquickmold tutorial pdf 3dquickpress tutorial pdf. 3D QUICKTOOLS LIMITED 3DQuickPress V5 –Training Manual 1 Table of Contents: Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial 1. Create.

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3D QuickTools Limited: 3DQuickPress

Use the same technique to assign Feature Library to the plates. Go to Legacy page and set 3dquickppress information: Select dimension 10 and click OverallX Create rectangular PRL assembly 1. Click OK to create the holes. Click Smart Dimensionclick Die face shift and B, click on the screen and input 1 mm. The circle has 2 purposes: Use Window explorer to rename C1.

Cutting punch customization Topics covered: To save the group data do the Click Line sketch point.


Create rectangular PRL punch C9 is open in SolidWorks and we are ready to add a XY sketch. To have an idea of the hole size. Add a coincident relation between Origin and the Center by dragging and dropping on to the origin. If you want to create a round shank, you can create a circle with diameter driven by X. Create Hole body Rename the configuration to Bush16mm The original design is an offset of the cutting profile and now tutorkal will make 3dqiuckpress of the XY sketch to create a rectangular opening.


Set the width to 0. Minimize the part window and return to the main DS06 assembly window using the Window menu.

3dqkickpress Expand the tree and rename the die plate according to your company standards. This file can be edited manually to make other variations. Click next page button and select die plates Select Front Plane, click Insert, Sketch In Container, select UC and click Set button To add your own PRL Parameters copy an existing file called prl param. Exit sketch and rename the sketch to Guide Pins in Feature Manager Click Fillet and break the 4 sharp corner by a radius of 1.

Create die set template You should have a fully defined sketch. Create fasteners for bottom die set If the components only have common holes in the subassembly, we can create the layout sketch in the assembly instead.

Close the sketch mode. Each folder under Cutting punch is representing different cutting punch type and following basic guidelines. Select plane HL and click Insert Sketch 8.

3D quick press – SolidWorks – AutoCAD Forums

Create the following sketch constraint most entities to the previous sketch and Boss, Revolve, uncheck Merge Launch Windows Explorer 2. Drag the roll back bar to Folder DP 5. Delete all entities by window selection at A,B and press Delete Tutlrial to Drawing configuration and delete the hole bodies, switch back to Default Configuration and save the file.


Use window explorer 3dquixkpress copy files under R02 folder to folder M4FT 3.

Click Rectangle and create a 40mmx40mm rectangle 5. Current document should be R Reverse the extrude direction of Shoulder and HoleSlot– if necessary. Input 2mm for the offset distance. Hole bodies Holes bodies in cutting punch are used to cut die plates and clearance for retaining components.

Click File, New to create a new part document 3. Select dimension 8 and click OverallY Do not select the same dimensions as step 25 and This sketch will update anytime the parent sketch is modified in the diesetstructure part.

Use Punch Design assembly in last punch design assembly created and use this punch to create the lancing punch. Figure tutoriao Simple cutting punch only containing a part, the bitmap C0.