2wire hg-b Pdf User Manuals. View online or download 2wire hg-b Installation Manual. 2Wire, Inc. reserves the right to make any modification to this manual or the Allows you to force the gateway to use b/g, b-only, or g-only. 2wire hg g user manual. Download2wire hg g user manual. Free Download e-Books However, this is not the. Windows Update fails to open.

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This manual in whole or in part, may not be reproduced, translated, or reduced to any gg readable form without prior written approval. The 2Wire gateway allows you to create a network with your computers and peripheral devices.

Following are just a few of the benefits derived from using the 2Wire gateway to network your home or office. High 2701yg integrated modem. System Tab This chapter describes the 2Wire gateway System features. System Area of the Network at a Glance Panel The System area of the Network at a Glance panel displays your 2Wire gateway model name, the version of gateway software that you are using, and the status of your gateway password.

Because it tests the speed over the Internet, your results may vary, depending on Internet conditions. Web Remote Access authenticates and encrypts access between the Web browser and the 2Wire gateway, enabling you to securely access and download important files or manage other enhanced services such as Parental Controls or Firewall Monitor. To set your system password: System Tab To disable password protection, deselect the checkbox and click Enable SAVE To safeguard your network against unauthorized users, it is also a good practice to periodically change your password.

Your local time is set using the Time Zone setting you configured when you 2701yg up your system.

The System Details page provides information about your gateway, any enhanced services you may have, and provides a link that you can use to restart your system. To view the System Details page: Broadband Link Tab This chapter describes the 2Wire gateway Broadband Link features, and provides detailed instructions on how to customize your broadband settings. Viewing Your Broadband Link Summary The Broadband Link Summary page provides general information about the current status of your broadband link connection and your system configuration.

Incoming is the speed of data flowing from the Internet to your network; Outgoing is the speed of data flowing from your network to the Internet. Connection Information Connection Information shows the following basic system configuration information: Broadband Link Tab Connection Details The View connection details link accesses the Broadband Link Details page, which displays technical information about your broadband connection. Technical support representatives use this information to help troubleshoot problems with your broadband connection.

Broadband Link Tab Item Description Downstream Rate The speed at which data comes over your broadband connection from the Internet to your network, measured in kilobits per second kbps. Upstream Rate The speed at which data goes over your broadband connection from your network to the Internet, measured in kilobits per second kbps. Default Gateway Part of the Internet address settings. The default gateway is a device your 2Wire gateway communicates with directly to give you access to the Internet.

If you receive your Internet address settings automatically, the subnet mask has been set for you. This field informs you that the check has been performed and whether or not it was successful. Web site could be affected by many different factors.


If you experience slow performance on a particular Web site, you can use the 2Wire Bandwidth Meter to verify whether this is isolated to that particular Web site, or if it is a more general occurrence. To access the Broadband Link Statistics page: The Data Errors panel displays the following information. To access the Broadband Link Advanced Settings page: From the Connection Type drop-down menu, select the connection type: In the Default Gateway field, enter the default mnual address you want the gateway to use.

The status of each device is shown in the Local Devices list in your 2Wire gateway user interface. Home Network Tab 2701hb device on your home network is represented with a computer icon. Your 2Wire gateway has an integrated wireless janual point, which enables you to connect your wireless- enabled computers to your home network.

By default, the 2Wire gateway ships with WEP enabled and a preconfigured network name. The default WEP key is located on the bottom of the gateway, next to the serial number.

Configure the Wireless Network Page You should always enable encryption for wireless communication. Setting up a Private Network By mxnual, the 2Wire gateway uses the You can select from two additional IP address ranges, or configure the network settings manually. You should manually configure these settings ONLY if you thoroughly understand IP internetworking, because an incorrect configuration can Home Network Tab To set up a private network: Open a Web browser and access the ,anual gateway user interface.

Home Network Click the Advanced Settings link under the tab. To change this setting, from the pull-down menu select Username or Phone Number. To ensure that the settings cannot be changed, in the Password field enter a password. From the Ring Tone pull-down menu, select the tone you wish to associate with the phone. If you have more than one digital voice line, 2071hg the Assign Number field select which manuwl line you wish to associate with this phone.

The 2Wire gateway then h this external address to communicate with the Internet on behalf of devices connected to the local network. The Firewall Summary page provides summary information and links to the most commonly 2071hg security- related features of your system. To access the Firewall Summary page: Hosting an Application When you host an application on your network for Internet users to access, you must configure the 2Wire gateway firewall to pass through specific application data to a selected computer.

To host an application: Edit Firewall Settings Page From the pull-down menu, select the computer that you wish to host the application. Select a computer Click the radio button. To create a new application profile: Repeat these steps for each port or range of ports required for the application profile.

To edit or delete an application profile: The Select a Hosted Edit or delete user-defined application Application page opens. To edit the application profile, click. DMZplus can only be configured for one computer on your home network at a time. Viewing the Firewall Log The 2Wire gateway keeps a log of all firewall-related events that occur. Each log entry 2701hhg the date and time the event occurred, the manuao level of the event, and details about the event.

View 2701ug Log Page The following table provides additional information about the log entries. Informational only—the event does not imply a threat to network security. These features should be used only if 2701jg are thoroughly familiar with firewalls and networking. Enabling Advanced Security Your 2Wire gateway firewall already provides a high level of security.


You can configure the firewall to provide advanced security features, including stealth mode, strict UDPor block pings. When in stealth mode, the 2Wire gateway firewall does not return any information in response to network queries; manuaal is, it will appear to the hacker who is trying to access your network that your network does not exist. IP address for example, If you enable Block Ping, your network will block all ping requests.

Strict UDP instructs the 2Wire gateway to be more restrictive about what packets are allowed to transmit over an established connection from a local network computer to the Internet.

2wire hg-b Manuals

In addition to relying on information about the destination 3-tuplethe 2Wire gateway will also use information about the source of the connection 5-tuple. If you configure the firewall to block an Inbound mankal, you may disable support for hosted applications that require that type of protocol.

To block an Inbound or Outbound protocol: Not a start session packet — drop packet. ICMP destination unreachable — terminate session.

To disable attack detection for a specific port: The Management and Diagnostic Console provides information about the status of the 2Wire gateway, its broadband network connections, attached home networking devices, system and security information, and a running log of any error conditions. The link groups that display are dependent on the 2Wire gateway model. Troubleshooting pages allow you to view detailed logs that maintain a record of all significant 2Wire gateway events, and to perform diagnostic tests.

Configuration Key Code The key code associated with the current provisioning settings. The value v Unprovisioned if the 2Wire gateway has not yet been provisioned. Subnet Mask The subnet mask to be used by the 2Wire gateway on the broadband link.

2Wire 2701hg-b Manuals

Gateway The IP address of the default gateway default router that The current downstream and upstream noise margin in dB. The current downstream and upstream DSL attenuation in dB.

The current downstream and upstream DSL transmit and receive power in dB. Transmit The cumulative number of cells transmitted, and the number and percentage transmitted in error. Loss of Signal Failures The number of DSL loss of signal failures since the 2Wire gateway was last restarted, and the elapsed time since the last loss of signal failure. Corrected Blocks The number of corrected DSL superframes that had data errors detected during reception.

Modifying the settings on this page can impact the ability of computers on the local network to access the broadband connection. If the value is between 1 to minutes, the PPP session will timeout if the 2Wire gateway does not detect outbound traffic destined for the Internet in the specified time. When the 2Wire gateway detects outbound traffic, the session is reestablished. The Local Network — Status page includes the following information: Subnet Mask The subnet mask allocated to the 2Wire gateway.

Ethernet home network interface, the number of payload bytes received, and the number and percentage of received packets in error. Wireless this field is present only on wireless 2Wire gateway models Transmit The cumulative number of frames transmitted over the